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I had a very busy day on Wednesday as I had around 30 friends at mine for a Christmas gift party. A friend brought lots of stocking filler type presents. I raffled off a bottle of bubbly and a couple of gifts. I have also decided that I am not posting Christmas cards this year, so I have just sent Lyn and Louise £50.

I know that many of you send extra donations and it is hugely appreciated by Thyroid UK. It helps enormously to pay for the running of such a brilliant charity. There are so many people out there who need our help!

Who else is planning to do something to donate to Thyroid UK?

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  • hi there suze, so glad that some of us are trying to put something back to the good people on this site ..... I recently raised over £200 by sending ali cans to the scrapyard [ blog = ali ali everywhere ] ....currently check on the pinned post column [ auction for thyroid uk ] ....louise is auctioning a new STIEFF 'teddy/animal' on e bay that I am donating ....hopefully it will raise some much needed funds.......I also have a few more ideas to come because I feel that the people that run this site should be appreciated in whatever way we can ......well done for your enterprise .....LoL alan xx

  • Yes that's brilliant Alan, well done for your efforts, like you say it's all for a good cause. So many people need our help which makes everyone at the thyroid uk office and all those involved very busy.

    My friends keep asking me when I will be doing my next sponsored silence ... Cheeky

  • and the little things that we do will give them a well deserved 'pat on the back ' and will hopefully give them a personal boost that I feel is so very well earned and deserved ......alan xxx

  • Thank you to Sue & Alan for their various efforts! :)


  • no thanks needed louise , we do what we have done out of total respect for you and your people .....with PRIDE ...... please take OUR thanks .....alan xxx

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