I've just made a donation to Thyroid UK (because I haven't come across a more worthy cause before!!) but just wanted to ask what maybe a fairly obvious question, so apologies!! Is Healthunlocked site the same charity/organisation as Thyroid UK? It's the healthunlocked forum that has helped me enormously and I wanted to give something back, have I done this correctly by donating to Thyroid UK or is there a separate way to give to Healthunlocked?

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  • is our main site and is a charity in its own right and this is our forum for direct questions/answers. Healthunlocked is a forum facility for many health ailments covering a wide variety. will really welcome a donation towards all its expenses. Without Lyn Mynott we would not have had such a successful organisation. I, for one, wouldn't have recovered.

  • Thank you so much for the donation!

    HealthUnlocked is not a charity, but a company which kindly hosts these groups free of charge! :)

    Thyroid UK - the group - is moderated/manned by a dedicated Admin team who are all volunteers for Thyroid UK - the charity.

    As a charity we are always very grateful for any donations! :)

    We receive no government funding of any kind and rely on the generosity of members of the public to keep running!

    Thank you so much!

    Louise Warvill

    Charity Secretary

    Thyroid UK


  • Oh you are more than welcome. I have never been asked to donate to this charity in my lifetime, its always been the "bigger" charities like Heart Foundation and Cancer charities which of course are all very good causes but when you become ill with a condition yourself and use a charity, you obviously become more aware. I will continue to donate and make more people aware of Thyroid UK and I hope the charity can become as well known as others.

    Thanks to everyone involved. Im still battling to get my health back after being diagnosed in May 2013 and without this charity and forum, I know for a fact that I would never be feeling as well as I do.

    Thank God for you all is all I can say!!!

    Debbie x

  • We are not very proactive with asking for donations - we tend to get a bit embarrassed!

    Thanks for your kind words and support! :)



  • Do you have collection tins? I run a gift shop and I currently do not have a charity box, would love it if I could have one to support Thyroid UK??

  • We do indeed! :)

    Drop me an email at with your details and I can get one out to you! :)

    Thank you so much! :) xx

  • and so say all of us ..... super to find yet another that recognises all the good work behind the scenes from the people on this site that does nothing other than try to help others that have no other place to go to for the help and advice that is readily forthcoming from the GOOD people here ...... keep checking the site for other ways to donate .....I for one will always do !!.....alan xx

  • Thyroid UK should get in touch with Waitrose, they donate to three different charities every month, by way of a percentage of people's shop. You have probably all been given those little tokens to pop in the boxes after shopping there! Just a thought?

  • We hold our monthly meetings there in their coffee shop :)

  • I've got a feeling that we have looked at this before - but I will investigate again - thanks! :) xx

  • I seem to recall you need to have a Waitrose nearby, as they only do it for 'local' charities. There wasn't a local Waitrose when we looked into this before, but maybe there've opened one since then?

  • There is actually - but we still won't come under the 'local' bracket. :( They do national ones too, but that will involve a proposal.....

  • According to the website, nearest is Colchester... you'll have to move the log cabin to Colchester ;D ;)

  • LOL! I don't think that will help either! LOL! 'Local' usually means, helping people in your local area. Rather than just being local to the branch... ;) We would have to prove a specific benefit to the people of Colchester.. xx

  • The token scheme is to support local charities - we don't come under this bracket. :(

    They do donate to National Charities too, but this will involve putting together a submission. We are meeting with our fundraiser in a couple of weeks so we could discuss this with her then. xx

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