Donate your unwanted clothes to raise funds for Thyroid UK

Donate your unwanted clothes to raise funds for Thyroid UK

We have teamed up with Charity Ecosystem, who collect donations of good quality clothing from homes across the UK.

Please support Thyroid UK by donating any unwanted clothing to Charity Ecosystem. It's much easier than driving to your local charity shop, finding a parking place and carrying in. All you have to do for Charity Ecosystem is to order a bag, fill it up and then order a collection - all done on line!

For more information go to this shortened link:

Thanks so much for your support!

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  • Sounds good.

  • Sounds really good. I have donated clothes to charity shops a number of times in the past. Shame I did not know earlier.

    I will keep it in mind next time.

    I do agree so much with your previous idea for Thyroid UK to employ people who could advocate for thyroid patients when they are too weak to do it themselves.

    I am in this situation now. I am being treated by my surgery in a disgraceful and ignorant manner and I am giving up on my health because as a single woman who does live on her own, far away from family home I am running out of energy to keep the fight. My lovely friend Tony cannot be always here with me.

    Once again a wonderful idea and I hope that it will go well.

    Best wishes


  • Great idea. I am trying to raise thyroid awareness at my work place too. Do you know if there will be a thyroid awareness day this year? All I could find on this site was one in 2011

  • Our Thyroid Awareness Week is always in October. Not sure if anything specific has been planned yet for this year :)

  • Thanks I'll keep an eye out and do some fundraising at work

  • If you have access to a printer and any sort of notice board facility at your work place, perhaps you could put up a copy of the Thyroid UK poster.

    Other places to place posters are hairdressers, doctors surgeries, dentists waiting rooms, supermarket notice boards and local shop windows (if you can persuade the owner to waiver the usual charge!).

    Thyroid UK Posters to download and print are here:


  • I have printed some to put up in the 4 offices we have in the UK. My job are really good at fundraising so I'm hoping we can generate some money for such a great cause.

  • Wow! Thanks Leigh! Perhaps you could get together to do some sort of 'Guess to Give' challenge?



  • It looks like a great site. I'm tempted to do another swimming challenge. I did 1000 lengths in 2011 for alopecia UK after my hair fell out. I've ordered a bag too as I'm always being told I have too many shoes and clothes lol

  • Great! :-)

    Thanks! :-) No one has guessed on my one yet -

    But Hannah's is going well -



  • I've just made a guess for you. Good luck with it all x

  • Thanks! :-) xxx

  • Bag ordered today. I have quite a collection as my friend and I have both dropped two dress sizes over the winter.

  • Brilliant! :-)

    We'd love feedback about how it all goes.




  • Great idea....but 10 kgs seems an awful lot. I'd never get rid of that quantity at one go, especially if books aren't included.

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