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switching from T4, T3 to NDT update

Hi guys, I posted on here 4mths ago about switching my meds however after I posted and got some feedback on the post. I decided to stay on the t4 t3 combo and see how a reduction in t3 would go after talking to the integrated medicine doctor again about my concerns with the big increase of t4 if I changed to ndt at that time. Fast forward 4 mths and I have successfully lowered my t3 and the results are ok. I am now on 75mcg T4 and 37.5mcg t3 my current bloods are :

23 April 2018

FT3 5.7 ( 3.10 – 6.80

FT4 12.8 (12 – 22)

TSH 0.022 ( 0.27 – 4.20 )

RT3 13 ( 10 – 24 )

I saw him again yesterday and he said he thinks I am now in a better position to do the switch over to Bio Thyroid now ,although he thinks I could need to add a little t3 to it down the line.

He said he wants me to start on 1 grain and see how I feel then according to how I feel possibly add in another 1/2 grain if i am symptomatic. He said to re take bloods in 4/5 weeks but he is more interested in how I am feeling rather than what the bloods are..

I think maybe I should go straight to the 1 and 1/2 grains to start? Do I split the doses or take all together? I did not ask him! He has given my 1/2 ,1 and 2 grain tablets to take home with me.

Thanks for any advice ;)

I did post on my original post but do not think it was seen after all this time ;)

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Perhaps it is this post :-)


thats the one ;)

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thats the one ;)


I have never split doses. The reason being that if I split I would have to find a suitable time to take the second dose and be sure my stomach was empty and it makes life more normal. Go to the date January 30, 2002 on the following link:-


thank you I will take a look ;)


Never did update this post but things did not work out with the NDT and I went back to t4 t3 combo ;)


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