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(Posted on behalf of my other half)

I've been on Armour for a couple of years. I take 2 grains and feel so much better than I did on Levo, though unfortunately I'm still finding it nearly impossible to lose weight. But I think I must be on enough, as my FT3 is at the top of the range. My endo thinks that's because he prescribed T3 for me ;) but I found NDT better than taking a T3/T4 combi.

Anyway, I went to order some more Armour from my favourite internet pharmacy the other day and found out how much it had gone up in price! Ouch! So I ended up ordering some Naturethroid instead.

Now though I'm wondering if I did the right thing. Will I cause problems for myself switching brands? How should I do it? Should I take 1 grain of Armour and 1 grain of Naturethroid while I transition between the two? Or would I be all right going straight from taking 2 grains of Armour one day to taking 2 grains of Naturethroid the next?

Does anyone have any advice/experience to offer? Bit nervous now!

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  • Jazzw, the amount of active ingredient is the same so you should be able to swap straight over. A few people think that NatureThroid lacks the potency of Armour so you may need to increase dose if this applies to you.

  • Thanks Clutter x

  • When I switched from Armour to Erfa, I took the exact same dose. There is one other NDT that contains 65 mcg. per grain as opposed to the 60 mcg. in Armour so you might check that on the label.

  • Yes, will check, thanks x

  • HI NT nearly identical to armour but more stable, switch oK but have bloods after a month to make sure.You can be overweight with hypo, unusual but try taking slightly less NDT.


  • I've tried all sorts, Jackie. Upped my dose (definitely too much!), lowered it (felt awful). Maybe I do eat too much (just doesn't seem much to me). Thanks for the advice though - I will check bloods as you suggest. x

  • I switched from 3 grains Naturethroid to 3 grains Thiroyd but needed to increase to 5 grains in order to feel the same as I was on Naturethroid.

  • Interesting. I guess it'll be trial and error. Thanks for replying. x

  • HI When I was overdosed by a private doc, I was much too high but did not know as he did no bloods so paranoid about them now!I had the same symptoms as when hypo.


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