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I was on t3 only for 2 years.

I need to switch to t4/t3 - i don't want to explain all my history and why i am trying to switch, soo long - So i need FEEDBACK AND EXPERIENCES FROM PEOPLE WHO DID THIS SWITCH.





p.s please don't tell me what you have learned from sttm😅... Or that 25 t3 is equal to 1 ndt etc.... I studied many books! I need real experiences from people.

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I have tried being on both t3 only and on a t4/t3 combo and I always found the combo to suit me best. Being on t3 only always made me feel more hypo: tired, fatigued, brain-fogged, physically weak and just generally drained.

As for how I made the switch, well...recently I tried to do the t3 only treatment (as I usually try it from time to time to see if it helps overcome a plateau) and, as usual, I felt worse again so after about a week, I went back on my usual dose of t4/t3 combo and I instantly felt better. I did it the next day, I didn’t slowly add T4 in again and build up the dosage because I was feeling so bad that I didn’t want to wait. It didn’t make me feel hyper or awful, I just felt better again (better than when I was on t3 only, not better as in my best.) However, I don’t recommend that others do it the same way, people’s bodies are different and react differently.

As for my t4/t3 dosage, I don’t think sharing how much I take will be helpful because we all need different dosages. However, I will say that I don’t do the usual 4:1 ratio of T4 and T3, I usually take a ratio of about 2:1.

Dawid86 in reply to LivingWithHT

Thank you! I am curious, could you tell mee how much t3 only was you taking before to do the switch? And.. Exactly how you did this switch. Of corse everyone can be different but some group of people seem to need about same dosage...

Now.. How much t4/t3 are you taking?

LivingWithHT in reply to Dawid86

It’s not wise to base how much thyroid medication you should take based on other people’s dosages. It’s all about trial and error, you should see what works for you. You might need more than me or you might need less.

Also, it depends on the brand of medication and my individual thyroid issues. Too many factors for you to compare my experience with yours when taking t3 only and then making the switch to t4/t3 combo. And, quite frankly, I have been finding many thyroid medications to be ineffective.

I was on T3 only for about six months but eventually felt it was not helping me and changed overnight back to T4/3. With hindsight I feel it was quite hard to take, as I had about four small doses per day. I have had a thyroidectomy and can honestly say I rarely feel absolutely perfect but the combo is definitely better for me. I take T4 75 mcg and T3 12.5 mcg (Unipharma T3, which is 25 mcg ) but I do not weigh much, so it may be difficult for you to equate it to yourself.

Suzi_ in reply to Hennerton

I have been on Armour thyroid 30 mg and later adding 15 mg for 2 years after being on Synthroid for years in hope of getting my energy and hair back. It didn’t help, also gained weight. I am petite about 5’, weigh 115, been 110 or less in the past.

I have Been thinking of switching to T4/T3 combo. What is the brand of T4 and T3 u use? Is Cytomel good. I am in USA.To my surprise my doctor agreed to switch me over. I have also been out of breath which is unlike me for a active senior. Thanks

Hennerton in reply to Suzi_

I try to get Mercury Pharma of Levothyroxine but it is becoming more difficult. If you are in USA your brands are probably different anyway? I have never had cytomel.

For Liothyronine I have Unipharma and love it but this only available to me when my friend goes on holiday to Greece. Otherwise I take whatever is in the pharmacy at the time, which is not good but I feel lucky to get it in the UK on prescription so I take what I can. This may all change shortly, as I have had the dreaded summons to see an NHS endocrinologist, whose job it is to remove my prescription. We shall see...

Suzi_ in reply to Hennerton

Thanks. I am in USA

Same, I feel better on a t4/t3 combo but never great or even near 80 percent healthy.

Do you always seem to have some new problem arising? I do and I am particularly prone to musculoskeletal problems, such as hips, back, neck etc. I only have to do the tiniest movement on an exercise sheet of suggestions given by a helpful personal trainer and I am in huge trouble with pulled muscles and aching joints. Consequently, all I do now is walk, several miles a day, every day, whatever the weather.

Lol, yes...and mostly old problems coming back to haunt me.

Recently it’s been brain fog, poor memory, muscle weakness, fatigue, sleepiness and poor coordination.

Shoulder and neck stiffness are very common for me.

I am currently dealing with a frozen shoulder, which apparently is very common with hypothyroidism and now it feels as though the other one is joining in too. When we had a recent post on this, one member suggested an infrared lamp, which I ordered immediately and now use regularly. It might help your neck and shoulder. It is very pleasant to use.

Very interesting suggestion, thanks 😊.

Batty1 in reply to Hennerton

Yes, I have this problem too with muscle pains and crazy tendon issues.... of course it’s not thyroid related.... I was fine until they took my thyroid, I regret this every day!

Hennerton in reply to Batty1

Unless someone has lived with no thyroid, they have absolutely no idea how different it makes a person, both physically and mentally.

I have been on T3 only for just over two years after being on NDT for 10 years (some improvement in health) then thyroxine only for 8 years prior to that (very poor health) I went onto T3 only as I was so run down and in poor general health (unable to work). I worked up to taking 42.5mcg however cortisol became high. I dropped to 30mcg and have been on this for 18months however I haven’t felt well either. Over the last 18 months I have improved all my vitamin levels after following the advice of this forum. It has helped hugely. I also stopped eating processed food - I make everything I eat. It was difficult at first but has really improved my digestion. I then tried 37.5mcg of T3 only. Again symptoms improved including migraine aura, acid reflux and general tiredness however I still didn’t feel well. I then introduced 25mcg of T4 and dropped to 30mcg of T3. I have been on this for just over 6 weeks. Headaches, acid reflux and tiredness all increased. This week I went back to 37.5mcg of T3 and symptoms have improved again - no migraine aura, reduction of acid reflux and tiredness. I am due to go onto 50mcg of T4 in June once blood tests have been done. I believe the T4 is beginning to have an effect but at the moment I definitely need 37.5mcg of T3 and not 30mcg as my endo suggested. This may change as I introduce more T4 but until June I’m ok like this. I’ll keep an eye on my heart rate and blood pressure with further increases. I make only one change at a time and wait for at least 6-8 weeks to note changes. I’d love to go onto 50mcg of T4 straight away but I have to be patient and let my body respond.

LivingWithHT in reply to LynLyn

Wow...you just described what a rollercoaster it is to treat thyroid issues 😄.

I added Armour to T3 gradually reducing T3 as Armour increased. It took a long time to find the right combination, but I’m pleased I did it. I won’t change again.

I have no thyroid and I take 100mcg synthyroid and 10mcg cytomel PRIOR to T4/T3 combo I was on Armour Thyroid (2 grains).

Dawid86 in reply to Batty1

Are you feeling very good on just 10 mcg of t3 +100 t4?

Batty1 in reply to Dawid86

Yes, I feel ok on my current dose although I won’t claim I’m as good as I was before I lost my thyroid because honestly don’t think that will every be obtainable.

It’s best to keep in mind that everyone requires a different amount of thyroid meds because I don’t believe in the one size fits all and it’s more about trial and error to find your dose.

I’ve been on T3 only (55mcg/day in 3 split doses), but since symptoms not improving endo wants me to add some T4 (Tirosint 50mcg) at my morning T3 dose.

I will let you know how it goes.

Dawid86 in reply to Furbabymommy

How are you feeling adding t4?

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