Transitioning from T4 to Armour

First I would like to thank everybody that responded to my blog post"Roslins visit to Dr S". I think I have been a bit overwhelmed and scared now that I have it(Armour). I still am very apprehensive "what if it doesn't work?"It arrived yesterday, the delivery was soo fast, I am not at all fast.

I have no memory of what he said about reducing T4 when you start Armour.

My question now is: I am to take 1 grain for 1 month and 2 grains for 2 months and then see him again. Can't remember if I was to divide the dose up or how much to reduce T4, it is completely gone. Does anybody know the usual way to do it, please


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  • What dose of T4 are you currently on? x

  • sorry forgot, I am on 225 mcg

  • One grain of Armour is roughly equivalent to 75mcg of thyroxine as it contains 38mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3 (which is roughly 4 times more potent than T4).

    On that basis maybe you could drop to 150mcg of T4 and add the one grain of Armour. However, it would be a good idea to wait and see if someone else has done this, who can answer with more experience than me. I changed from 50mcg of thyroxine to 1/2 a grain of Armour and went very hypo (TSH shot up to 59.0), so I might not be the best person to ask :D

    I find it best to split armour dose. On one grain I would probably take half when you wake up and the other half at lunchtime/early afternoon.

    Good luck - hopefully it will be life-changing for you. Don't panic if it doesn't seem to work to start with - it took me quite a while but was worth it in the end :) xxx

  • Thank you I think I will try to get hold of him to ask. He may have said reduce by 100mcg but I just cant remember.I think I will do like Princesspea was told and take it on top until I can check with him on Mon


  • Roslin, did you ask to change over to Armour completely? Asking for my own reasons really, sorry! lol, I saw Dr S the same weekend you did and am on 175mcg levo, test results almost textbook but still felt rubbish. I told him I would like to try armour over T3 first if possible as I like the fact it was more 'natural'. Ideally Id like to move to armour only eventually, if it works for me. I came away with a prescription for 1/2 grain for 3 weeks then one grain for 4 weeks but this was ON TOP of my levo. I dont know what to do and have started (2 days ago) 1/2 grain but reduced my levo to 125mcg however today I have aches in my legs which I havent had for quite some time. Now im totally lost and not sure what to do. Sorry I probably havent been much help to you! x

  • Hi Princesspea

    I was going to respond to you before but I have been a bit wiped out since last Sat. I was there at 11.00 were you the lady before or after me?

    I told him exactly the same as you did ie wanted to try armour over T3. He may have told me to take it on top of my levo as well, I just cant remember, its infuriating. I tried to phone the Birmingham office to find out today but no answer. I also tried to phone Helen in Glasgow but she wasn't available either( she may not be able to help anyway but could hopefully help with contacting him). I will let you know when I get hold of someone. Ideally I would like to email Dr S but I cant find an email address and he would probably be inundated if he gave it out I suppose.

    I have heard that it can take a while before you adjust to taking Armour so don't give up. Do you have any more energy? My fibromyalgia comes and goes. Usually it gets worse if I have done too much the day before but sometimes it seems to just get worse for no reason that I can identify.


  • Thanks Roslin

    I would have been the lady after, in with my husband but sitting in the hall as there was a mix up with appointments!! lol. We arrived just before 12. Im glad you got on well, the man is a wonder and I will be forever grateful to him, despite the fact I am not at 100% health yet, just purely for believing me! Keep trying Birmingham you will get through eventually or as you say Helen is fantastic at getting in touch with him and getting back to you. Yes I have just read that it takes a while for the T4 to build up so I am now thinking cutting my levo was silly, especially as I feel rotten tonight with aches I havent had in ages and other smaller symptoms returning already so I have just made the decision to actually just follow what Dr S has told me - whats the point of paying out for an expert if I am not going to listen to him!! I have only been taking the half grain for 2 days but I know I felt small effects of levo almost right away so I would say yesterday after the 1/2 grain, having taken 175 the night before I would have said it was equivalent to one of my 'good days', no extra energy but certainly at least one of my better days on levo. I am definitely not giving up and hope eventually to be on armour only (sorry if im repeating myself!). I have a CFS and fibromyalgia diagnosis and I (personally, just my opinion) think that its all just under treated thyroid, proven to me quite a bit by the fact most of my aches and pains had gone on high dose levo and some back now iv dropped the dose.

    Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing dear? Dont be afraid of the armour, slow and steady and we will get there.

    Gail xxx

  • I will be getting a prescription for Armour from Dr S on 15 June. I want to try stopping Levo completely and starting on NDT the next day. I'm on 200mcg. Levo is rubbish for me unfortunately so the sooner I get off it the better.

    Would you mind telling me with a private message where you got your Armour from, how much it was and how long it took to arrive? I've found a company online who sell it without prescription but I don't know whether they can be trusted.

  • I have no problem PMing you dear but if you are getting it from Dr S you will get a prescription? Two mins and I will PM you. x

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