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Biting the Bullet and going private


Thank you for the recent advise and help. I am on another page for Antisolophipid syndrome ( blood clots) but over the past year I have had symptoms for underactive thyroid.

I saw my specialist for my blood clots who ran extensive bloods, I am already on B12 injections, vit D ampoules, Iron and folate.

My last bloods came back as serum TSH level 0.06 ( 0.30-4.40)

serum free t4 5.4pmol (9.0-19.1)

I was referred to an endocrinologist ( advised 6-9 week wait) so I decided to pay to see professor Parag Singhal. What a brilliant man he has been. I saw him on Saturday, full bloods taken, and yesterday I had the ACTH TEST for secondary hypothyroidism, as he seems to think my pituitary gland is not working properly. I am seeing him Friday for the results.

I would advise anyone if they came to see him privately if you are in the South Wales area, ( I saw him in Bristol) The NHS endocrinologist I saw 18 months ago, wouldn't do a blood test as I had had one in the past year, and told me I was getting older so my metabolism was slowing down ( I am 37) hence the weight gain, and that Thyroid is not genetic, when I explained the 3 previous generations to myself had it. Mum, nan, great nan.

I actually feel like I am being treated now, and hopefully I can start medication soon as I am on no thyroid medication what so ever!

Any ideas, advise, your own stories are really welcome as This is all very new to me for a thyroid complaint



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It's great news to hear that you have found a Dr that appears to be on your side!

I quote from someone else's post 'they are as rare as hens teeth' 🙂

The other person you saw is an idiot by the sounds.

Oh no, of course there can't be the slightest possibility it could be genetic, if 3 generations have had it. Baffoon, off with his head!

Wishing you all the best.

Kittybaker in reply to Paula101

The ending was also a female! I thought she would have been more open to the suggestion of genetics, but sadly wouldn’t entertain the idea!

Paula101 in reply to Kittybaker

Oops, I just got so used to seeing useless male Dr's in the past, but, yes, you can of course get useless female Dr's too. I take your point, there is something about thinking females might just take a more caring approach.

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