Blood results

I had my bloods taken, they came back 'Normal' no action.

I then produced the form I had printed from this site Signs and Symptoms of hypothyroidism and ask the GP to explain why I have at least 60 of the symptoms ticked. She admitted she couldn't give me an answer and asked me what I would like her to do.? I live in Somerset so Liothronine is no longer prescribable I asked if she could get me seen by the endocrinologist who saw me 2 years ago she is going to write to him but as he has already refused once I don't hold out much hope. She has said I can increase my thyroxine if I like!! I explained that if I sid by the end of the week I would have gained a few more pounds. My results are as follows

Serum TSH level 0.54

Vitamin B12......280

Serum folate....4.7

Serum potassium..4.7

So any advise would be so helpful. I am at a loss to know what to do next

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  • Would be helpful if printed the ranges.

    Folate and B12 are too low. You will need to supplement. If you are below the range the doctor can sort out the supplements, if you are not you need to do it yourself.

    Go back to the doctor and request ferritin and vitamin D tests if you haven't already had them.

    Low nutrition levels will make thyroid symptoms worse.

  • I asked for vitamin D and was told it had been requested. I think I am on my own now with the G.p. She doesn't know what else to do. Thank you for replying so quickly

  • Unfortunately it looks like you are going to have to self supplement both vitamins and T3. Otherwise you are just going to end up fighting the NHS while getting sicker.

    Btw was your ferritin tested? It needs to be and if you are tired it should be done as well. Go back to the doctor and request it.

  • My ferritin was 82 (normal) according to the blood result range 30-400 ng

  • My ferritin serum was 82 (normal) according to the report range is 30-400ng

  • No, not 'normal', 'in range', not the same thing. It could be a bit higher.

  • The tsh is useless withiut the t3 & t4 as well. And you are definitely b12 deficient! I started using Jarrows sublingual b12 lozenges from amazon. If you go on Amazon from thyroid uk website then they will receive a small donation. They were 5000 mcg and made such a difference. I also got the boost spray too. I self inject weekly now though, but still have 1 or 2 lozenges. No way near to the 10 I was having though.

    You could certainly try the levo increase, but I doubt you will really feel any better with such a low b12. Have you shown her the symptom lists for low b12? Go to or b12.awareness for information. Doing this has probably saved my life! All thanks to the members of this forum. My GP was useless so had private tests from blue horizon medical. You may have to do that. Good luck. :-)

  • My health service doesn't check T3 I asked!,

  • Thanks for your info re Amazon, I will look in to this

  • Lynm,

    You can order thyroid tests including FT3 from Blue Horizon and Genova via

  • I thought I had a thyroid problem but it's now looking much more likely a low B12 deficiency even though I was just inside the "normal range" so my GP didn't point this out. Your B12 is best at 500 or above. The symptoms of low B12 are very similar to a thyroid problem!

  • B12 is best at 1000. :)

  • Lynm have you had calcium and parathyroid tested ? if your thyroid levels are looking normal its possibly something else causing your symptoms. Parathyroid disease can cause symptoms which are easily blamed on thyroid. It's a shot in the dark but worth ruling out.

  • Thank you GP is at a loss to suggest anything else so may be this is worth a try

  • For very good info on any parathyroid issues see

    Site is aimed at teaching us patients. It is clear and very helpful

  • Have you tried NDT?

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