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Low dose NDT too high?



Writing here as I am confused and not sure shall I continue what I started, or drop, as anxiety is very strong.

10 days ago took a vit D shot B.O.N. 200 000 UI single-intake oral; 7 days ago started on 1/2 grain of NDT in the morning. But about 5 days ago I noticed a sharp increase in anxiety, chest and head pressure, lost appetite. I do not know if vit. D could cause this, doubtfully; more likely for me is NDT, but can this low dose do this? And only after 7 days? Or some stress could do this and that's just a coincidence? Although I was always constantly cold, a few times last days I felt unusually warm.

So I thought maybe I should reduce to 1/4 grain?

How much time does it take for the FT4/3 test to show any changes after start of NDT?

Did variety of tests [just reading here got to know that my blood cortisol test is worthless as saliva needed], only thyroid tests are shady [attached] and vit D was low [40, range 50-75-100], B12 so so [200, range 170-600].

Basal temperature from 35 to 35,8 most mornings on awake.

Malabsobtion possible due to low stomach acid [self-tested with baking soda and from what I saw in closet]

Fighting anxiety and depresion for the most time of last 14 years, tried all antidepressants, none are helping now, so started looking for other possible reasons, thyroid so far seems mostly obvious.

Will appreciate your comments, many thanks.

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no ideas, anyone? pleaseeee....

It took me ages to increase my dose of NDT. I was extremely unwell following TT (long story) and eventually told Drs I was not taking Levo anymore. Fortunately I have a very supportive GP who prescribed NDT. I started on 1/4 grain for 2 weeks then increased by 1/4 grain every 2 weeks. Sometimes I could not tolerate an increase and had to wait 4-6 weeks before the next. My TSH was supressed as soon as I started taking it (on only 1/4 grain). I found from about day 4 to day 10 after an increase I had worse symptoms, for me nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps and twitching and terrible headache but usually it settled around day 10. Perhaps 1/2 grain was too much to start with but it is hard to tell as everyone is so different. I cannot tolerate a high enough dose generally to be really well and symptom free but can at least live some sort of life on NDT so would say give it a good go before giving up. Perhaps try 1/4 grain for 2 weeks then increase if all well but that is only my experience.

Are you taking any other thyroid medication or only a half a grain? Because that is way too little. The starting dose is one grain I learned that the hard way. When I was only on a half a grain I had tremors anxiety anorexia loss of appetite nausea and extreme fatigue and a pounding heart. This was because my body was trying to use adrenaline because there was not enough thyroid hormone. I was only able to make it to 1 1/2 grains. And that not have enough T4 for me so I ended up adding T4 to my nature through aid or NDT.

This lady's blog really helped me sort through some of my issues she's also available for a phone call if you need it at a very reasonable rate.



It's very exciting that you are able to raise your NDT to 1 1/2 grains . Can you share please how much T4 you needed to add ?

I started with 12 and then 25mg of Levoxyl after retesting bloods. But eventually I got off the NDT because I have Hashimoto's and I was worried about my antibodies going up.

Geddie in reply to Wolfiesmom08

hi, no, not taking anything else.

Didn't you have the symptoms you listed before starting NDT? Only when you started?

Maybe that was your reaction to NDT - you may have felt the same if you started with 1 grain as well? Just assumptions...

What were your TSH, FT4 and FT3 levels before start?


Wolfiesmom08 in reply to Geddie

All the symptoms started when I blamed my t4 for migraines so I cut my dose in half and those symptoms started appearing then i decided to try NDT but my doc only started me on a 1/2 grain and it was not enough and the symptoms became worse and did not resolve till I reached a much higher dose. It took weeks to feel better. Low thyroid symptoms and be confused for high symptoms like the anxiety, shaking, anorexia (not wanting to eat) that I experienced.

Geddie in reply to Wolfiesmom08

I see.

What were your TSH, FT4 and FT3 levels before start of NDT?

I know this an old post but this is very interesting to me because I was started at 1 1/2 grain and left there for 3 months. I tried to do a small 1/4 grain increase and my body revolted! So after 10 days of misery on the small increase I bailed and tried to go back to my 1 1/2 grain dose, which was unsuccessful. So I skipped a day and have spent the last month trying to get back to original 90 mgs. It’s like I just can’t tolerate Armour anymore and I’m really confused and trying to make the decision of going back to Synthroid. I feel terrible with all of the symptoms you mentioned when you were under dosed. So now I’m wondering if I should stick it out and keep feeling miserable while working back up.

I also think I’m going to have to add levo and my doc is ok with it but I have to get situated on my armour again.

I was really thinking that I was having adrenal fatigue but maybe it really is under medicated. I don’t have a thyroid and I’ve been taking less than 90 mgs of Armour for the last month since my failed increase so I’m sure I’m very hypo by now.

Thanks for sharing your experiences it has given me more to consider.

This blog really helped me out a lot I suggest you read this section :


I felt much better after Adding T4 to my NDT. Then I went back to T4 plus T3 because I found it in the NDT had way too much T3 for me or at least my body didn’t like it. Now I take 112 T4 Levoxyl and 20 MCG of compounded T3.

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