Can treating Hypothyroid raise DHEA levels?

We received the blood tests back and my thyroid is still really low so my doctor raised my NDT 1/2 grain over the last two weeks (1/4 grain each). I have been on the higher dose for two days now and I started breaking out with cystic acne. It is really painful. My DHEA and Vitamin D were low back in December so I have been taking supplements (5,000 IU Vitamin D, 25mg DHEA) for those and on the last test they came back optimal. Could getting closer to optimal with the NDT be causing me to produce more DHEA and I am now getting too much? Should I lower my DHEA? What might be the side effects if I lower it? I have done some research online and can't find anything on treatment of hypo raising DHEA.....What has been your experience or do you have any information on this?

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  • sorry I do not have any info but my own personal experience:

    I was put on 25mg DHEA daily earlier this year, I have been 'optimal' with my thyroid since 6 months before this. My DHEA was low before thyroid treatment and I was on 12.5 mg daily, however after 'optimising' my thyroid my DHEA was EVEN LOWER so I was put to 25mg daily. I have to say that 12.5 mg daily did nothing to me, but after starting the 25mg daily I felt better, much more energetic in the mornings and my 'bags under my eyes' disappeared LOL :D

  • Thanks Nobodysdriving.

  • I'd be interested to know this myself - as my DHEA is also low, but whenever I try to raise it with DHEA or 7 - keto, my hair starts to shed even more than it already is! So I can't bear to take it. I've just started NDT, and will do another adrenal stress test in 2-3 months to see if anything has changed. Very frustrating.

  • Sorry to hear that sip1. I ended up just waiting it out and it seems to be clearing up. I wonder if my body just had to get used to the higher dosage of NDT. I will wait until September and then ask them to check my DHEA and see where we are at.

  • I dont have any straight science to back it up but I would think that as the thyroid normalizes so do the adrenals and if DHEA is low it may increase as they get healthier, perhaps leading to some of your symptoms.

  • This is my theory too! Or at least, I have everything crossed that things will level out anyway :)

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