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recently diagnosed Hypothyroid- feeling horrible :(


I have been feeling horrible lately. So tired/sleepy all the time, brain fog and irritable.

I had endometriosis had surgery and have been well and now it seems I have hypothyroidism. Ugh it never ends!

I am still educating myself on the thyroid.

Below are my labs with ranges. Although from what I understand, the ranges are not reliable and too broad. Next to it is what my MD suggested it should be.

My labs:

cortisol: 32 (4-22) ideally 8-10

FT4 1.2 (0.8-1.0)

FT3 2.7 (2.3-4.2) ideally 3+

RT3 24 (8-25) ideally 15

FSH <0.7

DHEA 47 (23-266) ideally 200

Pyruvic acid: .17

Lactate pyruvate ratio: 49

I was given gamma oryzanol from my naturopath md to balance my t3 rt3 had anyone tried this with success?

I also was given Phosphatidylserine for my brain fog and energy.

Any insights on the above would help. Just feeling low and hopeless despite meditation, yoga...

waiting to do more tests including Hashimoto precursors.

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Please add ranges to your results above - the figures after the results. Labs do vary !

Try to have B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD tested. So often low when hypo and B12 can be depleted after surgery if Nitrous Oxide was used. Some of your symptoms appear to be connected to low nutrients.

No TSH result or antibodies to rule out Hashimotos - TPO & TG.

How much Levo/T4 are you taking and for how long ?

There can be a link between low thyroid and Endometriosis I have read.

... so sorry ....


To add in the ranges of your results, press the down arrow across from Follow Post and edit.

The reason we need the ranges is that labs differ in their machines and ranges and it makes it easier to comment if we have the ranges.

I'm guessing your rT3 is at the top of the range, right? High rT3 can be caused by many things - poor conversion, high/low cortisol, low iron, low-calorie diets, infection, etc. etc. etc. And, the trouble with the rT3 test - which is very expensive - is that it won't tell you what the problem is, where it's coming from. So, it's a bit of a waste of time, actually.

The rT3/T3 ratio is just gobbledegook. It means nothing. You're not comparing like with like. You don't know how much of that rT3 is Free rT3, yet you're comparing it with Free T3.

Therefore, it stands to reason that it doesn't need balancing. In fact, it's impossible to balance. And, it worries me that a doctor doesn't know that, yet prescribes stuff to try and balance it - although how rice oil would manage to balance it, I really don't know.

What you actually need is your nutrients tested : vit D, vit B12, folate, ferritin. If your ferritin is low, then that could be the cause of the high rT3. You need your antibodies testing, because you could have Hashi's, and that could affect your conversion - but we'll be able to see your conversion if you post the ranges. I take it the cortisol was an 8 am blood test? Not very reliable and doesn't give the whole picture. You would need a 24 hour saliva test to know what was really going on. All those tests would be far more useful than an rT3 test.

As a general rule on here, I've noticed that naturopaths know very, very little about thyroid, and yet they will charge you the earth for their snake-oil. I would never suggest any hypo goes to see one.

As for your brain-fog, a decent dose of T3 would probably do you more good than taking Phosphatidylserine - the origins of which sound a bit dubious, to me. But, of course, we do need the ranges for those results before we can make any informed comment on them. :)

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