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Nature-Throid to Thyroid-S


I am thinking of swapping over as Thyroid-S is so much cheaper. My questions are:

What is the difference between Thyroid-S and Thiroyd which are both available on the website I looked at?

Will I still be liable for import tax and the Royal Mail fee, as I do when I get my Nature-Throid from the States?

What are your experiences of transferring and are they similar in strength?

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There isnt any difference besides the S version having a lot more fillers. It seems that anyone who does well on thiroyd does not do well on thiroid s and vice versa. Just try one and if it works for you, fab. If not, try the other. I just started Thiroyd (thought id try this version first due to less fillers) 6 days ago and have had no side effects this far.

Scazzoh in reply to saroseox

That's helpful, Saroseox. I'll try the Thiroyd first. Thanks.

saroseox in reply to Scazzoh

Oh and I forgot to say I didn't pay any customs fees either. Postage was free and they arrived in 5 days.


Will I still be liable for import tax and the Royal Mail fee...

Yes - the liability is identical.

Thing is, if the sender declares an amount less than £15, it won't get picked up unless the HMRC are actually looking beyond the label.

Also, it isn't an import tax as such - it is VAT which we would have to pay on things we buy within the UK. (There can be duty at higher values, but not below £135.) It acts to even the playing field otherwise UK suppliers would be at a disadvantage - as used to happen with so many Channel Island imports. (There is no allowance at all now for Channel Island imports,)

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