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Morning all! I just wondered please, does anyone know if there is only one manufacturer of these tablets in Thailand? I have just bought some and seem to be done much better on them than I was on Armour!!!! I am surprised, I thought Armour was "God". I didn't feel as good as I thought I should do though and now that I am taking Thyroid S, well.....things are much, much better SO FAR!! There are several places to purchase Thyroid S so I just wondered, are they all the same as the prices fluctuate. I paid a bit more for mine and am worried to buy cheaper in case they are not as good. Your comments would be appreciated. Thank you everyone x

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  • Yes, Thyroid-S is a brand of NDT manufactured by one single manufacturer, but sold on various sites. Prices may vary slightly, but around 100 USD for 1000 pills seems to be pretty standard.

    I have been on Armour, Erfa, and Thyroid-S (the first two prescribed by doctor) since 2011, and Thyroid-S is undoubtedly the best brand for me. Armour did not seem to work optimally for me (I only tried the reformulated version), and I did not feel good on Erfa either (it has been reported to be problematic after production was moved from Belgium to Spain a few years ago). On Thyroid-S, I feel neither over- nor under medicated. I have energy all day long, and my energy levels seem constant, without the ups and downs I had on Erfa. On Armour, I just seemed unable to get my energy levels high enough. On Thyroid-S, I feel just fine. I hope they never stop manufacturing it, and that there will always be several sellers to choose from...competition is a good thing, right...?!:-)

  • Thank you so much anna69, music to my ears! Like you (early days so hate to get too excited) but I can't believe how much better I feel on Thyroid S. I am waking earlier, feeling like getting out of bed, have more long lasting energy and I don't need afternoon naps!! Hey presto!! Having found Thyroid S, I sure would hate to buy it from a different place due to a lower cost and then feel rough again. That is good news, I am safe to buy wherever then! You can get 1000 tablets for £52-£54. And yes, it is great that there is competition, gives us all options! :)

  • My goodness, that's a really good price for Thyroid-S. I paid almost double that for 1000 tabs - would you share your supplier with me by PM?

    Many thanks

  • Could you send me details of your supplier. Would like to try this. I am on thyroxine and have no energy, really don't think it is working for me.

    Many thanks

  • I received my Thyroid-S tablets this morning, they came in a container marked Vitamin B-12, has anyone else received their tablets this way?

  • That's interesting???? I have only had one delivery and the tablets were just in a Jiffy envelope. I guess it might be because they are trying to mask the product. Hopefully you received them in reasonable time and are happy with them. Kind regards.

  • How many Thyroid-s tablets did you buy? I think they only come from manufacturer in bottles of 1,000, so any less than that would have to be decanted into another container.

  • Hi StitchFairy, I bought 250 tablets to give them a try as I had been on Armour, which I found very expensive. I was frightened to change but took the plunge and so far have been delighted with the results on Thyroid S. I would say that I feel better on them than I did on Armour (at the moment). :)

  • Lots of us do better on the Thai products than the US ones. I didn't get on with Armour very well, plus it's very, very expensive.

    If you feel so much better on Thyroid-s take the plunge and buy 1,000 next time. Then it should come in a sealed brown glass bottle inside a branded sealed box.

  • Thank you very much StitchFairy for your kind and supportive comments :) x

  • Hello could you pm me with details of how and where to order thyroid S please! Im on erfa do feel much better but it tripled in price! I just cant afford it anymore and dont know what to do thanks in advance


  • Thanks for the replies. I bought 2000 Thyroid-S tablets this time. They came in two separate parcels but both were in plastic Vitamin B12 containers. The last time I bought 1000 tablets and they were in a brown glass bottle inside a branded box. I would like to know if anyone else has received tablets this way.

  • Are you in France?

    Bear in mind desiccated thyroid is illegal in France and could be impounded by customs. So using a B12 container could be to avoid it being identified and suffering that fate - at least to a cursory glance.

  • That makes sense :)

  • Sorry, I have not seen this post before! Yes, my Thyroid-S has also been delivered in a bottle looking like it contained something completely different...however, I've never had any reason to doubt the authenticity of the pills.

  • Yes I am in France so you are probably right. I am sure I will find out when I start taking them!

  • Hi Loobieloo123. Could you please pm me also with the site you purchased from? On ThyroGold myself but would love to try thyroid s. thank you

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