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Turnaround time for Blue Horizons?


This is my first post here but have previously posted on PA. Had my bloods taken on 7th March for the Thyroid 6 blood test with Blue Horizon. They advised me by email after I'd placed the order that if the samples are sent to Edinburgh, that they are updating their systems so there may be delays.

Details show 20 working day turnaround but has anybody used them recently to know if it's much less? I'm hoping it won't take that long and have emailed them tonight to enquiry. Main troubling symptom for 6 weeks is shortness of breath making me feel like I'm suffocating and taking a deep breath doesn't always solve it. Just getting over a double-whammy of sickness bug and cough/achy/headache virus. Cough symptoms affecting the shortness of breath even more so really fed up now. Not usually up past 2am!

Have been SI b12 for 4 months now and taking cofactors of ferrous sulphate, vitamin D3, magnesium and methyl folate. Can't do much around the house without feeling out of breath and struggle to walk upstairs or up even the slightest hill. Original symptoms of balance problem and swimming head so much better.

TSH was 3.07 last month (non fasting) and 4.95 fasting last year. Ferritin rising at 49, vitamin D 70 and folate increased again at 23.4. MCH above range at 33.4, I think from memory.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Highland49 , I hope you've got your tests by now....


Hi Spareribs,

Thanks for your reply. Nothing yet but they have replied to my email to confirm that I should have results by 6th April.

Will then post them here.

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