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Blood results

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Hi, further to previous post, I would appreciate any comments on the following bloods. I am taking 100 levothyroxine. Have not been feeling too good recently and have been having various bloods etc. Am being treated for vitamin D deficiency. I have had a thyroidectomy.

FT4 25.32 pmol/L (12.0-22.0)

FT3 5.1 pmol/L (3.1-6.8)

TSH 0.022 mU/L (0.270-4.200)

The oncologist requested thyroglobulin and “autoimmune antibodies?” He always does thyroglobulin but hasn’t requested autoimmune antibodies before. Haven’t got these back yet. I know thyroglobulin take longer but not familiar with the autoimmune antibodies blood test?

I was also referred to endo and he has requested various bloods which I havent got results of yet, also faecal elastase test, which I think is about absorption isn’t it? He intends to test for celiac before next appointment.

Am I right in thinking these results look ok? FT4 high I know but usually kept high to suppress TSH due to thyroid cancer risk.

Would be grateful for any comments...

Thank you!

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Just out of interest how are you being treated for Vit D deficiency? Doctors aren't always on the ball with doing it correctly so I hope you haven't been given 800 iu of Adcal. Have you been told about the co factors of K2 and Magnesium?

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Tabitha6 in reply to silverfox7

Hi, GP and endo have both got involved which hasn’t had the best result!. GP gave me a loading dose of 50000 once a week for 6 weeks but unfortunately I read the dosage instructions wrong and stupidly admitted to endo that I had taken 3x50000 in one day! So those lasted me a month and now he has told me to take 800 a day which I know is not a lot - because of what he calls “my overdose “! GP wasn’t at all concerned I had taken so much at once. Wish I hadn’t confessed! I was thinking of ignoring his 800 a day advice but worried that won’t give him the right picture at next appointment. It was my first appointment with endo and apart from the Vit D overdose situation I am hopeful we will get along - early days tho!

Would be grateful for any advice on co factors. I was going to have a look later for previous posts I have seen.

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silverfox7 in reply to Tabitha6

Co factors-Magnesium and K2

I asked Mr Hoogle about K2 and very impressed with what I read! I hadn't heard about K2 when I first started on K2 but was concerned my calcium levels were rising and had gone over the range! K2 takes the calcium out of the blood eherecit can cause stones or itcgetsxibto the muscle making then less usable and takes it to the bones and teeth andcthe Magnesium locks it in there. Be careful though to find K2 that doesn't have soy in it as we mustn't eat that.

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Tabitha6 in reply to silverfox7

Thank you so much for this info, really helpful - On my shopping list!

Hi Tabitha I can relate I’m

5 months post thyroidectomy I was initially given 125 levy but woah that was too high and I suffered the worst ever anxiety attacks. Then lowered to 100. My bloods come back good so for some reason endo told me to take alternate 100/75 which is only 87mcg levy daily I found this way too low and become suicidly depressed. I now take 100 again. I am suffering really bad fatigue lately and not sure if it’s rejated or as a result of flu/chest infection I had for 5 weeks. I never ever felt this bad pre op. Hey listen I’d love to talk to someone who’s going through the same. If you want my number and I’ll call you sometime please pm message. Hope your well today X

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Tabitha6 in reply to MMAndrea52

Hi, I am sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell. I pleased to hear you are able to see an endo. I have only just had my first endo appointment. My thyroidectomy was 14 years ago due to thyroid cancer and it is only the last few months that I have felt unwell. It would seem that my severe Vitamin D deficiency may have a lot to do with how I feel and that is being treated, so I am hopeful I will feel better soon. I remember that it took quite a time to find the right dose of levothyroxine that suited me and it takes a while for any dose change to make a difference.

Since find this site is have learnt - and am still learning! - so much. For example how important optimal vitamin levels are etc. Perhaps you could post your blood results and someone better able to advise will come along and help. They are very knowledgeable and provide excellent advice.

I do hope you feel better soon.

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