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Blood Test time of day NDT


So i am sure this has been addressed before, but i started taking NDT Erfa (i'm in Ottawa Canada)..Dec 29 2017.. so i am just around 7 weeks,.. my first 2 blood tests around week 4 were odd TSH very high T3 fine, T4 just below normal but i felt better ... when I was On synthroid all levels were good... but i felt like crap, i have had my dose increased to 120mg NDT per day from 90mg and will apparently help, started taking some other vitamins and Thyrosin, so my question is... What is the best time of day.. pre-dose at 9am... or late afternoon post dose say around 4pm ... i usually dose at 730am and wait 45min-1 hour before ingesting anything besides water THANKS!!

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TSH is highest early in the morning and drops after eating and drinking so we advise early morning and fasting (water only) tests. NDT should be taken after the blood draw.

Results on NDT are different from results on Levothyroxine but if TSH was high you were undermedicated. FT4 is usually lower, sometimes even below range, but this isn't important as long as FT3 is in the upper range.

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thanks... thats what i was under the impression and how i did my last test.... thank you !!

Because NDT has the active T3 in it, some people prefer to split the dose so that you get the extra effect of the T3 in the afternoon. This also replicates how a normal thyroid gland would work. I take 1 grain in the morning and 1/2 at around 3 p.m. If you can take it all at once in the morning and feel good all day, that is obviously better. Here is a link which explains dosing when you are taking NDT:

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My Naturopath and the pharmacist both recommended i take the whole dose in the am.... but i am not opposed to trying a split.....i will ask some questions..!! thank you :)

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it would be easy to split those dose... 90 then 30 i may just try that anyway... starting tomorrow,,,, as my basal temp is also 36.4 on average peaking only at 37.1 at various points in the day.... any mild adjustment to feel even 10% better is always worth a try... thanks :)

I take my NDT in two doses the first at 6am and the second around 2.30pm. I have been taking it for over two years now and feel well.

I only worry about how I feel and now treat myself accordingly I do, however, have a blood test annually, have no thyroid .

I split when I started NDT but tended to keep forgetting the second dose but having read it's often split to get your body used to it by a more gentle route I took it all at once and was fine.

The fact is that if your thyroid is working perfectly well it is performing throughout the day.

When you have an under performing or no thyroid you have to get as good as you can be.

I personally don't believe that anyone can be the same as a perfectly healthy person but we try to be 80/90% it's usually good enough.

80-90% would be better than the average person these days lol... I am also an ex athlete and avid gym person... my mindset for the gym has changed as far as training goes... (thats a different discussion)... but it iis just trying to get the energy back up i am finding difficult as well

I am 71 years of age and have just started back on my Yoga and weights after 2 years having my thyroid removed. I was a runner until my mid sixties and also swam twice a week.

I only do 1/2 hour each morning trying to improve my legs, core and arms. I walk for about 1/2 every afternoon.

When I return to the UK i intend to visit the gym and some swimming again.

It's hard with no thyroid, tiring, but you have to try!

Thanks Bunnyjean... i am i have time to figure this out... thanks for the really does help having this support :)

Hi Dave, I take 3 gains per day. 6am, 11am 4pm. I don't take it any later than 4pm or I end up not be able able to sleep(NDT is a stimulant). I quickly learnt to split my dose in the early days because it makes me fee wacky 30 min after taking, as the stimulant energy/boost thing kicks in, and by spitting you get a more rounded day. The only bugger is the cost, 100x 1grain caps costs me $120 and 100x 3grain caps also cost $120. I would save heaps if I just took 1x 3grain cap per day.

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hey James... the NDT ERFA in Canada is not too expensive... i tried splitting the dose.. but with my odd schedule it's hard... i also believe you need to have a few hours of no food before dose this correct? plus the standard 1 hour of water only post dose... which is no problem... thoughts??

I don't worry about the food thing, graze all day. If you are low on NDT, maybe feeling cold take another 30mg. We use different amounts daily depending on what we are doing. 6am I put 1 x 60 in my mouth, chew it, and 2 in the pocket. Take the second around lunch and the 3rd if Im falling asleep at work. (4pm ish). Keep up the water but doesn't have to be with the drugs any time is a good time for a glass of water or a coffee.


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