Best time to take first NDT blood test

I have changed over from Levo to NDT nature thyroid , nearly 6 weeks ago , I have just been taking 1 grain split into two doses .i tried to take more but felt racy ( I only took75levo) I feel really well and have lots of energy , my joint pain is so much better ( can't believe it ) I'm thinking I grain is the right dose but want to check .i have a blue horizon test but obviously want to do it a t the right time . I take half grain at 7 am and the other half around 1pm . Your advice would be appreciated .thankyou

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It is great you are feeling better. 1 grain NDT is equivalent to 75-100 mcg levo so it sounds like you have found your dose.

If you want "like for like", then your test will need to be conducted at the same time & circumstance (ie fasting, leaving meds off for 24 hours) as any previous.

If you are self medicating and this difficult, you can do the test whenever you like but will need to take differences into consideration when interpreting the results. Post results complete with ranges (numbers in brackets) and members will help you.

I have just started self medicating NDT and did not leave off thyroid meds as consider this stressful to my body, and irrelevant as we aren't trying to get a high TSH for our GP's eyes.

Hi Radd, are you saying you added the 1 grain to the 75 levo?

I'm sure Radd will respond when she sees your message, but I read her reply to mean she changed over to NDT only and didn't leave the NDT off for the test.

O yes, I see what you mean.


No. I switched to NDT & didn't stop meds for my own blood test.

Thankyou for your advice , much appreciated .I will post blood test when I get the result

Hi there

I was on 100 mcg levo and this swapped to 1.5 grains ndt so 1 sounds about right. I did change doses after a year or so and alternate 2 grains and 1.5 but this is a dose increase. If you're slightly under from your tests you may want to think about alternate dosing or pill splitting but sounds like 1 might be right for you

I just did a Blue Horizon self test and didn't take my 7 am dose, got hubby to stick me with the widget (oooer) at 715 (he needed tea before he could face it) and then took my pill straight afterwards

Hope that helps

Good luck

Ha ha ,just imagining my husband with the blood widget ...yes I thought so will do before dose in morning which will be well over 12 hours after last dose , Thanks again

Thankyou for your advice , much appreciated , I will post blood test when it come back . Val

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