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Receptors blocked

I registered with Thyroid UK and HealthUnlocked several months ago and have done everything that has been recommended. Blood test done with Medichecks and since Dec 2017 I have been supplementing with B12 Vit D Ferritin and Folate.

I started to take T3 1 week ago dosage 6.25ug. Can anyone give me some idea how long it will take before there will be any improvement or is it impossible to give an answer.

Secondly if my problem is to do with more than a poor conversion from T4 to T3 but with blocked receptors in the brain and many other tissues, surely T3 will still have the same problem of not being able to get through to the tissues. How do you clear the receptors.

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Receptors don't get blocked. The myth that rT3 blocked T3 receptors and T3 getting to the cells was debunked when it was discovered that rT3 has its own receptors.

What was your FT3 result and range when you added 6.25mcg T3?

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Hello Clutter,

The last blood test I had done was on the 5th December 2017. The reading for FT3 then was 4.49 range 3.10 to 6.80. Since then I have been on B complex Vit D Folate and Ferritin. Does this mean that I have jumped the gun and that it is essential that the 4 above have to be at the top of the range proven by a blood test before T3 is started.



No, it's fine to have added 6.25mcg T3 because FT3 4.49 is under halfway through range.

It's not desirable to have vitamins and minerals top of range.

Ferritin is optimal half way through range.

Folate is optimal halfway through range.

B12 is optimal >500 through to top of range.

Vit D is replete >75 and optimal 100 - 150.


In your results you posted twenty days ago your vitamin D, B12 and folate were all too low

As was FT4.

Vitamins need to be optimal for T3 or T4 to work

Results were

Medichecks blood test in Nov 2017

TSH 2.26 (0.27-4.20)

Free Thyroxine 13.3 (12 to 22)

T4 75.3 ( 59- 154)

Free T3 4.49 (3.10 - 6.80)

TGA 198 ( 0-115) TPA <9 (0 to 34.)

Active B12 77.3 (25.10 -165)

Folate serum 4.66 (2.91 - 50.00)

Vit d 57.3 (50 -200)

CRP 0.5 (0.00) - (5.00)

Ferritin 113 to (30 to 400)

St Thomas hospital confirms that active B12 test is possibly too low

Anything between 25-70 should be retested for MMA

Very likely too low at this level when Thyroid issues


Vitamin D needs to be around 100nmol or certainly 75-80nmol

Folate too low. A good B complex should be improving

You might want to retest these if T3 doesn't do the trick in 6 weeks


Hi Delboy25, I believe I may have thyroid hormone resistance. This is when the active transport into cells is impaired. In other words the receptors aren't working properly.

You don't need to worry about this until you've got blood tests completely optimal, or have adjusted your dose many times without a change in blood tests.

Hopefully I will see you again this week, or in April and will be able to tell you all my thoughts about it!


Hello SilverAvocado,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I hope that you are continuing to improve.

I will try to get there on Wed but tiredness has increased since starting high dosage vitamin and mineral supplements. I also started taking 6.25mcg of T3 (Unipharma) 1 week ago .

I will carry on with this plan until the end of March and then have another blood test with Medichecks Thyroid 11 and add the test for the adrenal gland .

I bought a copy of the book by Dr Peatfield recommended by Thyroid UK which I found very interesting so my plan is based on a lot of what he suggests.

I took up the special offer with Blue Horizon 2 weeks ago to test for faulty genes D102 etc but results will not be out for another 2 weeks - 1 post here over the weekend stated that the lab was having problems proving positive or negative.

When I spoke to you in November I think you told me you had had success with NDT.

Can you tell me who your supplier is- if I do not show any improvement over 3 months I will have to swop over.


I bought that test too! I haven't completed it yet. I'm in a rush, but if you send me a PM I will get you my websites later on.


Ok. Thank you


I've sent you a private message! I saw you had a previous post saying you've had trouble with private messages, so I hope you can see it. If not I can always tell you in person sometime.


As far as I know T3 goes directly into the stomach and then the liver nothing to do with the brain, maybe I am wrong.


The T 3 supplies chemicals to every cell in the body including the brain and muscles.

People have been complaining of brain fog and that has cleared with the use of T3

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