Help, what should I do. Had urine Iodine test result showing low iodine, but have Hashimotos - antibodies so advice is normally don't take

So urine Iodine test result shows low iodine 75 (100-199) and I am a couple of years into Hashimotos, had high TPOab antibodies and up down T3/T4 (have had extreme TSH) but recent urine T3/T4 taken at same time as this Iodine urine test the T3 and T4 was back in range (no meds). Not known what TSH and antibodies as not had serum tests lately.

So my question is..... why might iodine be low, is the urine test showing it is a receptor problem or has it been via whatever receptors and hence coming out of body? So simply low? If I supplement, which is apparently a no no with we guess it will be taken up or will it build up.....I have been trying to read all this time, since diagnosed but so confused as to what to do.

Is there a likelihood that I was lacking in Iodine and that caused antibodies, as that is not what I understood as thought it was auto immune that causes thyroid damage.....? Thanks in anticipation.

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  • I would consider very gentle and moderate iodine intake. Maybe switching to iodised salt? Maybe increase sea-fish intake?

    After all, you are proved to be low in iodine. Which is very different to not knowing. Or having been taking large doses of iodine for years.

    And do get tested again so that you don't potentially drift into high levels of iodine, unaware of it happening.


  • Hi Helvella, thank you soooo much for your kind reply. I did switch to iodised salt but don't have lots of it as wary. I can't do sea food but have had fish here and there, never touched seaweed, had some iodine in supplements but as wary stopped them. I have gone since 2011 and this is the first time tested, as I asked Docs and the first thing they say is meds for life. As you know I have tried them and got worse so came off Levo last year.

    I was not sure how the urine test works but clearly shows as low. no comments added.

    I would imagine I had plenty of iodine in food as it is in most things I eat/drink. Weird really. Maybe this is why I have had issues even taking one selenium or a few brazil nuts, as I quickly get side don't do that often, yet wanted to lower antibodies.

    I would envisage antibodies won't vanish simply by raising iodine now...which is annoying.

    I will get tested again, although I am far from able to pay much out. Maybe in a few months...?! :)

    Much appreciated, guess it will be trial and error.

  • One of the problems is that, until recently, average iodine intake in the UK appeared to be acceptable - though only just. But the change from iodine-based teat disinfectant has reduced the iodine content of dairy produce considerably. And that might have nudged us below the "adequate" level - which is very easy.

    And being only adequate on average means that quite a number of people would already be low.


  • Hmmm.... now that is interesting. Since learning to be careful on intake, nobody I have seen has gone into this. Thank you again! I know you are very well knowledgeable :-) If it was just hypo, I would feel better.... the Hashi is meant to be auto immune either coincidence I have got low...iodine plus high antibodies or something I am not clear on....yet. More work LOL :)

  • Don't believe a word I say! Please try to check everything for yourself and not go on my word or failing memory. :-)

  • Ha ha, I do a lot of trying to read and clarify, but as you know it is a minefield. I always find you are on track....haha, a great help and I understand you may not wish to be the one to advise, for people to solidly rely 100% as who knows the exact answers. But you know what I mean... I am still in shock of result, so it helps immensely and the safety net is in symptoms and testing again. Can't get much worse....I shall try to subtly raise iodine, not sure how long that may take. I hope the gland can use it, but with however long worth of damage so far who knows. I aim for a miracle remission...haha :)

  • Dr David Brownstein Medical director of Holistic center in Michigan, and over 30years experience in treating Thyroid disorders treats iodine defiencies also in Hashimotos. You should check where you will find a lot of excellent information. His book 'Iodine, why you need it, why you can't live without it' is worth reading as well as his other books! He says that he has never experienced any problems in treating Hashimotos with iodine.

    It is of vital importance that your iodine defiency is treated!!!

    Good luck!

  • Hi, thank you for this. I know this was controversial, this is why we need solid 100% research and answers. It is so easy to believe any one of these online Doctors that have done so much research and they DO explain it all well.... just that any two of them don't you think something is right, then shortly after you find the next bit of info....all I know is NHS doesn't help and I had seen a private person (non NHS - alternative) and they were advising on some other aspects and all that info seemed against what was recommended...but that wasn't re. Iodine....just stating to show how hard it all is :))))))) I now kick self as to why I didn't get tested from the point of diagnosis and of course all too much strain :) Thanks soooo much.... be interesting to see what happens next...naturally I mean.

  • I have Hashi's and am going to get my Iodine level tested (pay myself) and a few other things tested before I start on Paleo diet to try and reduce my antibodies. You are right to be careful, that is what I have concluded from what I have read so far I think it is important to have good selenium level if you want to add Iodine to diet

  • Careful should be the best way...but obvs. I need some more iodine. I DO have issues with when I took one low dose tablet I had pretty quick side effects which were scary... then I was intermittent on brazil nuts...but more recently having weaker side effects...but still similar to when I took the tablet....maybe if iodine is low, you can get selenium side effects as nobody else seemed to experience it....LOL. It is quite a bit of money to get lots of needed tests...and I haven't touched on any others bar T3/T4 with Iodine (aside the Docs doing Thyroid and general serum tests I mean)... I chose the urine test as I am a nightmare with serum tests. Shame I don't presently know what TSH and TPOab is doing, that is the downfall of urine only...LOL.

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