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I need some advice on T3 meds. I have been on armour for over a year (I have been funding it myself) and it hasn't really been that good for me, it took some symptoms away and gave me others. Anyway had app with my Endo on 20th oct and I asked if I could go back to just taking levothyroxine as I was sure I was feeling ill to the armour, she agreed and mentioned that she will give me T3 and that I should have no problem with my GP prescribing it, she gave me a note for my GP to prescribe both meds, which I took to GP that day, I telephoned the surgery the next day to see if prescription was done only to be told that my GP won't prescribe T3 as it (as she calls it) a black drug?? So I rang endo secretary to explain, she sent a fax over,to the surgery, who said they never received it, so i foned the secretary again who said she did send one and will send another, that was on Monday gone, I have just rang surgery and they are saying my GP won't prescribe it and it's down to the hospital. My point to this is, surely to god the endo has given out letters to other GP's regarding prescribing T3 for patients and I am not the only one who she has given T3 to and that being the case all those other patients would have to be going back to the endo with same problem as me hence the endo would no never to get a gp to prescribe, can't make any sense to this other than my GP is a complete minge bag and won't prescribe it because of the cost as they charge you £10 if you want blood test results printed.

Do others who take T3 get it prescribed by their GP and how do I fight this so that I can also get it prescribed?

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  • Do a search as there's plenty of posts about this. Some CCG's are blocking T3.

    You shouldn't be charged £10 for blood test results, speak to the Practice Manager and tell him the charge is to cover cost of printing and it's not a revenue stream.

  • "You shouldn't be charged £10 for blood test results, speak to the Practice Manager and tell him the charge is to cover cost of printing and it's not a revenue stream."

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Thanks for your reply, will look at other posts. As for charging of printing results I was told that my surgery does not get help from the pct and they buy their own paper....that's the answer I got when I challenged them. I have on many occasions had test results printed for service users in the care sector...no problems...no charge! Am really disliking my GP surgery, had to buy my own zinc (as tests shown I was low in it) yet my sister got hers off her GP, *shrugs shoulder* feel like standing outside the surgery with a plaque saying stay away, minge bags inside, please ignore me just having a rant....need to look for another surgery.

  • misschris - who told you exactly, was it the Practice Manager? To be fair there can be a training issue where receptionists aren't informed about charges. You need to ask the Practice Manager what the charge per sheet is.

    All surgeries are scrambling around trying to save money and often patients can buy better quality, and more effective, vitamins and minerals than those supplied by a surgery.

  • It was the receptionist, she said that another patient wanted her test results printed and was charged £10 as the surgery is not funded by the pct and the GP's purchase office equipment. I asked if the surgery was then private if they don't get no help from the pct, she just laughed, I didn't find it funny I found it frustrating.

    I suppose I could make an app to see GP as I do have results due back, take some paper with me and ask them to write them down on my paper. I don't know they can't email them.

  • I find that most doctor's receptionists have a warped sense of humour!

  • Definitely speak to the Practice Manager to find out exact costs. If you've paid £10 and still have the receipt then I would firmly demand a partial refund. Frankly it sounds as though the Receptionist is talking nonsense.

  • Take your own paper with you when you go to ask for results. £10 would buy a huge stack of it!

  • Hi grey goose, I have just posted same comment to cinnamon girl. I honestly haven't come across the likes.

  • misschris,

    If your areas CCG are blocking it, it is difficult as GP's hands are tied but if your GP is just being awkward//reticent because he//she doesn't know much about T3, you could ask your endo to write the prescription and collect it from the hospital pharmacy. I previously had to do this for several months.

  • Hi radd,

    I think that is what I may to do and get my endo to give me prescription for the hospital. You would think that endo's in the area would be up on this problem but she seemed to think that I would not have a problem getting it off my GP.

  • Just to explain the "black" designation...

    Regional/county formularies may use an extended traffic light system to identify prescribed items, with formerly common items being blacklisted if cheaper equivalents are available.

    Green is used for drugs for which GPs may take full responsibility.

    Amber is for drugs prescribed by hospital specialists or after specialist assessment, which may then handed over to your GP.

    Red is for drugs which should be prescribed only by hospital specialists.

    Black is for drugs that are not recommended for use because of lack of evidence of clinical effectiveness, cost prioritization or concerns over safety. All new drugs are listed as black until they have been through the appropriate approval process.

    In my area, Liothyronine Sodium (T3) is listed as red, and Armour as black.

    You could check the status of T3 in your area (search for the county name and formulary, then Liothyronine Sodium) and see if it's really black.

  • Thanks for the info, I didn't no what black drug meant but I was thinking on the lines of armour, not registered.

  • It's a money issue ......if you have the energy take it up with your MP


  • Hi

    Hope you don't mind me asking but did your endo. prescribe you the equivalent dose of Levo. and T3 to the Armour, or do you have to start on a lower dose and build up.

    I realise you are having difficulty getting the T3 and if you do not get it you can you can get it at a reasonable price from the internet ( I can P.M. details if you require them) but hopefully your endo, may give you a prescription for the hospital pharmacy.

    I have been taking NDT for nine months and like you have swapped some symptoms for others, I have only had about three good weeks whilst taking it.

    Hope you get the T3 soon.

  • Hi,

    I was on 50mcg of levothyroxine and 1 grain of armour dail, my endo was giving me 125mcg of levothyroxine and 20mcg of t3, does that sound about right?

  • 50 mcg Levo + 1 grain Armour = 88 mcg T4 + 9 mcg T3 which is a much lower dose than 125 mcg T4 + 20 mcg T3.

    125 mcg T4 + 20 mcg T3 is close to 50 mcg Levo + 2 grains Armour.

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