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Cortisol issues with subclinical hypothyroidism?

If anyone wants more context of my problem here is a post I made 6 months ago: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

Since then I've done three blood tests and while my Free T3 and Free T4 levels were mid range in all of them my TSH came back at 4.8, 4.7 and then 3.7 ( the range is up to 4 ). My ferritin was 36 (30-300) but is now in mid 50's and I am still taking Iron Supps everyday, I am 20 year old male and I suffer from fatigue among many other problems for context.

I don't have weight issues but I do suffer from dry skin on my face but I still have a feeling my thyroid could be causing my symptons. I've recently started on 25mcg of thryoxine about a week ago but don't feel any different as of yet. The reason why I've made this post is because I am looking for help with a couple problems that have arised since I've become ill 14 or so months ago.

When i first became severely tired I was tired all day/night round and due to that it was very easy to fall asleep at night so my sleep schedule was good. But now a day I wake up extremely tired, and I feel like I've been hit by a truck until about 9-10pm where I feel perfectly normal; like my old self again.

I've heard that thyroid issues are linked with cortisol issues and I am suspecting that this is the cause. I now don't fall asleep till 4-6am because I feel wide awake all night which is also making me believe that I have high cortisol at night, and maybe low cortisol in the day?

Is this common for people with thyroid problems, even if its only sub clinical like mine? I'm looking to become my old self again I haven't been able to go back to study or work in 13 months. Will being on 25 mcg thyroxine resolve my cortisol issues? If i even do have any? I know these questions are quite broad but I'm not sure where to start in all fairness.

I haven't ever done any saliva adrenal tests but on my latest blood test my Cortisol was like 289 and the range was 180-800, I took the blood test at 8am although I'm not entirely sure if this accurately represents my morning cortisol levels but thought it may be worth a mention.

My endocrinologist is not of much help and I know that a lot of you are very knowledgeable when it comes to these things, thank you all so much.

Any help would be much appreciated. Again, Thank you!

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Oh yeah, not sure if there was an edit option for the original post but for anybody reading I tested negative for antibodies and my b12 was over range ( I do take a multi vitamin ) and my vitamin D was low but I took a 600,000 ui vit D injection and now it's close to the top of the range.


Get bloods retested after 6 weeks on the 25mcg

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results

There's an offer on the Medichecks Thyroid plus ultravit today -£79 Buy now, use later


Have you tested ferritin? Or folate

Rather than a multivitamin, a good vitamin B complex with folate in might be better

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



You are likely to need maintenance dose of vitamin D. Plus magnesium and vitamin K2

Detailed supplements advice for Low vitamins here


Have you had Coeliac blood test as possible reason for low vitamins

Have you ever had glandular fever? Also known as ebstein Barr virus (EBV)

May be try a gluten free diet regardless, see if it helps

EBV links





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