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Thyroid test result


at last I've got the results that I was previously asked to get to find out if someone can give me any tips on losing weight

Vitamin B12 180-2000 ng/L = 477

Serum Folate 2.8-20 ug/L =2.9

Ferritin 20-300 ug/L = 78

TSH 0.20-4.50 mU/L = 1.4

Free T4 9-21 PMO1/L = 20

Total T3 0.9 - 2.4 NMO1/L = 1.5

250H VIT D imm'assay 25-162 nmo1/L = 46

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Hi Carol C. I tried everything going but couldn’t shift a lb until I went on a low carb diet. It worked for me and I dropped 15 kilo and 3 dress sizes without effort. You can find great advise on this diet online and without paying a penny. I can’t exercise as I’m waiting for an op so short walking distance is all I can manage at the moment. It’s a way of life more than a diet so be prepared to give up quite a few everyday things. Good luck which ever way you go


Hi DeeD123,

Thanks very much for the advice DeeD123, I'll have a look...Well Done I can only imagine what you feel like having lost the weight, I understand what your saying about a lifestyle change rather than a diet, I'm determined to get back to what I was before I became Hypo

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CarolC ~ you haven't had much of a response to this post regarding Vits, which look low to me, so I would repost (again,sorry), and put a heading regarding vitamins and see if some of the knowledgable ones respond :0) And just for your interest, a friend of mine was fine on Levo, except for weight gain, and lost a lot following a diet as recommended here, and introducing a small amount of T3 ~ of course, we're all different, and getting your vits/minerals optimal may well make all the difference to absorption, conversion, etc. and be all you need. Good luck Mamapea x


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