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WP thyroid to NP thyroid

First day of switch over from WP to NP.

Took usual dose, 1 3/4 grains, at 07.30. At the moment have quite noticeable headache, towards front of head. Heart rate is higher than it has been, couple of dizzy spells. Weirdly very runny nose, could be coincidence. Don’t feel as energised or as sharp, but that could just be psychosomatic.

Edit: 27th

Have reduced doseage this morning to 1 1/2 grains, want to see if this has impact on headache.

No headache at moment. But do have a weird tickle in my throat. Which stated yesterday morning. Think I’m just loosing the plot.

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Hope you've seen this, Nick. It is a bummer isn't it? I use Nature Throid and down to my last bottle of 1½ grains, I've just taken receipt of some new 1 grain tabs

en-gb.facebook.com/NatureTh... would seem to me to be the likeliest place for updates on supply. Hope your transition settles down. I went NP to N-T without issue - as you wrote on another post, we're all individuals...



What was the reason you went from NP to N-T.

The company I buy from show 1 grain Nature Thyroid in stock.


Yeah, my supplier has 1 grain in stock, too.

As of today I note with a curled lip that 'my' 1½ grain N-T is back in stock with my supplier. But NP is majorly more expensive and with supplements, blood tests and a little bit of T3 to pay for I'll save money where I can! If only Lidl/Aldi sold them, I'd have no shame...

N-T 90 tabs 1 grain £33.02 NP 100 tabs 1 grain £66.55 it's muyder out there.


Aye lass muyder it is.

Weirdly I have 2 grain WP, but for some reason it doesn’t work for me. Where as 1 grain WP works. One of the disadvantages of being slightly nuttier than a squirrels pantry I suppose.


nuttier than a squirrels pantry :D :D :D

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Interesting Nick, I've always found that 1 grain, or at most 11/2 grain tablets of any NDT I've tried, works better for me than 2 grain tablets. I assumed there were more fillers the larger the tablets were and that somehow they blocked some uptake.


Nick this was posted here 2 months ago and might explain why RLC labs have been unable to manufacture NT and WP for the last few months: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

I've taken both over the last year and managed to get some of the 'new' NT and am swapping over from WP at the moment, so far I haven't had any problems with it.

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If that’s true then, as they say don’t jump to conclusions and good on them for not bowing down.

Suppose I’d better edit my initial post and eat some humble pie.


No, probably no need for that because I don't know for sure and they haven't said it even with all the angry comments on their Facebook page, but they're certainly being careful with the wording of their blurb on suppliers!

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