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WP Thyroid transitioning from Levo

Good Afternoon,

So, two weeks in switching from 125mcg Levothyroxine to NDT (WP Thyroid) and my journey so far...

I cut back to 25mcg of Levo and 1 grain (65mg) NDT; had palps, breathlessness, insomnia and anxiety, after three days of feeling unwell I cut out the 25mcg Levo and stuck with the 1 grain of NDT. Felt amazing. Slight increase in energy, feeling like my body more oxygenated and loads of complements about looking well.

This week I started feeling that hypo brain fog and fatigue (guessing the Levo is now out of system?) and as it's two weeks later have introduced 1/2 grain more NDT - making my NDT total of 97mg; no hyper feelings (yet).

I was expecting the transition to be uncomfortable as my body gets used to the T3 and with the dosage adjustment.

So, plan is I'm going to give another two weeks and then up by another half grain... was planning a test after a month which will be in two weeks, but wondering what others do / have done?

Also, when I check out the conversion table 1.5 x 65mg grains of WP = 125mcg levo so am I at the appropriate levels now..?!?!? I always had it in my head that most people need 2-3 grains per day? Thoughts as always very welcome. Thank You

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1.5 grains is equivalent to 125mcg Levothyroxine. If you feel well on 1.5grains there's no need to increase further.

Best to wait until you have been on 1.5 or 2 grains for 6-8 weeks before testing because FT4 and FT3 will still be climbing after 4 weeks.


Thanks Clutter, I'll stick with the 1.5 grains and test in a month and a half / two months (feels a long time to wait though... guess I am wanting bloods to confirm dosage, direct increase / decrease etc, but will hang in and see how feel with the grain and a half for now), Much gratitude



I found FT3 slow to respond to T3 dose adjustments so I waited 8 weeks.

Have a look at this link


Brilliant article, thanks clutter.... makes so much sense and love the wet sponge analogy. Thanks


Personally I dropped the levo T4 alone ,for 2 weeks before starting NDT. Levo can stay in the system for up to 7 weeks! I started on 1/4 grain and built up over a few weeks. Levo did nothing for me so I managed to find an endo who prescribed it! If you are already taking T3 you are OK to do a direct swap, if not take it slowly.


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