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Advice please: Severe reaction to lamb. Looked up on internet, advice says "avoid grass fed meats"... I have just made beef bone broth ??

Last weekend I ate lamb.

Having always had difficulty digesting it, I ate with trepidation.

Being wheat/ gluten/ soya etc.. intolerant I am much experienced in the results. I react within 20 minutes; I swell by about 6+3/4" around the abdomen, leaving me almost unable to breathe as my diaphragm has no space!

After eating a small amount I had mild discomfort, almost like one feels when very hungry?

However, within about 4 hours I started to feel rather bad, on the way to really bad...During the night I felt so very very bad I was beginning to weigh up the options; forcing myself to vomit...but I thought surely after so many hours (8hours) it must have passed from my stomach, do I did not. Hospital was not an option, being left in a corridor for hours would not help anybody.

My fingers swelled, my eyelids puffed up, I started sneezing constantly unable to stop, I had to scratch the back of my throat with my nails, my eyes started streaming...and I could not stop coughing and coughing and sweating profusely.

All I could think to do was drink as much water as I could.

The pain in my abdomen was the worst I have ever experienced, it made a wheat and gluten response, feel like a walk in the park.

The violent stabbing pains reached right up into my right ribcage almost under my arm.

It was only by 6am that I managed to go to the loo and pee; I think the slight release of pressure was enough to give some relief. I managed to go to sleep. When I woke some 5 hours later, though I was swollen to the size of a beached whale, the pain had abated.

I did not eat for the next 24 in order to allow everything to calm down.

I have since found on the internet that some folk react to the sugars in the meat of "grass fed animals".

If this is the case I am afraid I might also react to the beef bone broth I have been slaving over for days???

Has anybody else with food allergies had this response to lamb??? And can you take beef bone broth??

Thank you in advanced.

Poppy the 🐈

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Wow. You have my sympathy that sounds awful. I avoid lamb because I find it difficult to digest. Lots of us have digestive problems, mine have improved since taking probiotics and drinking a glass of water kefir before meals.


I have to say I was pretty alarmed. Obviously my extreme response, with the coughing and I forgot to mention the itching, as I was itching all over my body clearly indicates I should think an allergic response. do make my own Kefir already. I think quite literally, it has saved my life, as last November my allergic response to anything I ingested had reached a point where even a glass of water was provoking a reaction!!!

I am worried that IF I drink my organic beef bone broth for being grass fed will it make me as ill as the lamb.

I am so eager to vary my Probiotics, but scared in the event I was as ill before as I don't think I could cope!


I would certainly be talking to my doctor about this severe reaction. Anaphylactic shock can be life threatening, I'm not saying that that was what you had but it did sound very frightening.


I will definitely mention it.


Do you have any links about not eating grass-fed meats. I have always understood that it's favoured over intensely farmed meats that rarely see grass and are fed on "stuff".

All my meat is from our local butcher who sources local grass-fed animals only. I will not eat any supermarket meat for various reasons.

Have to say that I have never had a reaction though, like you, if I have wheat there is a very good chance that I will swell up like Jeremiah Bullfrog :D

For this reason I always make my own gravy with cornflour instead of normal flour.

Did you have "normally made" gravy? Or maybe it was your problem digesting raising its head again, some people find lamb difficult because it's quite fatty compared to other meats.


No gravy.

No I found info on the web saying something about some people being unable to cope with the sugars found in the meat of grass fed animals. Therefore, have any people who have reacted to lamb, been able to drink/ eat beef bone broth??


I am sorry you had such a bad reaction, it must have been horrible. I farm, and have kept sheep, pigs and cattle most of my life. In Britain, most cattle, all sheep and a few pigs have access to grass by grazing. The intensive places still feed hay (dried grass) which has a high sugar content, so unless you stick to pork, I dont think you can avoid this sugar. Even then many pigs are fed sugar beet. I would be surprised if the "sugar content" of the meat is any different whatever they are fed as they would metabolise this quickly on the hoof.

Both sheep and cattle have four stomach, and there is not a lot of anything by the time it comes out the other end. Could you try a small spoonful of lamb mince and see how that goes?


That's unusual as Lamb was always one of the meats on exclusion diets as few people seem to be sensitive to it. Are you sure it was the lamb and do you have enough digestive enzyme and HCL to digest any meat?


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