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Things that help

I think we should all write down the things that we have found that have helped us. Hopefully we can then gain useful info from others.

Here's my list; 😀



Vitamin D

Folate and Ferritin (if needed) my levels are ok

Good pro biotic

Gluten free (wheat and grains)

Casein(cows milk) free

Soy free

Collagen powder(helps heal leaky gut) really rate.

Turmeric,Cinnamon & ginger (great for inflammation)

I also take mushroom powder. There are several so best to research to see what's best for you.

Blueberries and other dark fruit and veg.

Rhodiola and Siberian ginseng (help with adrenals)


Fermented veg

Bone broth

No caffeine

Limited sugar

Limited alcohol 😩

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My list so far .... (in the order I started them) all giving noticeable improvements- gluten free by far the most obvious

Taking Levo at bedtime

Vitamin C (for adrenals)


Vitamin D

Gluten Free


Vitamin B complex (plus B12 for short while)


Good probiotic

Bone Broth

Soya Free

Plus no noticeable changes


Vitamin A

Fluoride Free toothpaste


Oh yes I forgot fluoride free toothpaste, not sure what difference it's made but has to be good!

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SlowDragon, I haven't started getting treatment yet but I'm still fighting for it. You take your levo at bedtime? I thought it had to be taken on a morning. I'm just curious cos I take amitriptyline and gabapentin at bedtime for nerve pain and i would prefer to take levo at night


I've just been put on gaberpentin, do these have to be taken away from other meds then as I have to have 3 x daily. It will get v complicated if I do!


You can take them with any medication, I take 2 gabapentin 3x a day and amitriptyline at bedtime. I even drink alcohol on them and it doesn't affect me 😊

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Hi Nicki,

God they're really spacing me out, does that get better?


Yes it gets better, once they get into your system your body adjusts to them. I've been on them for 7 years and will be on them for good due to permanent nerve damage.


Great to hear. Yes pretty permanent for me too now. Discs in lower back pretty buggered 😩

Sorry for you too.

Still there's those worse off.


Sorry to hear that. Mine is my ulnar nerve in my arm

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Yes quite a few of us take at bedtime, or some take in middle of night too.

My endocrinologist suggested it originally. I find it much more effective & convenient.

Usual advice is no other medications at same time, so not sure about taking with your other meds.

Levo needs to be taken on empty stomach and then nothing apart from water for at least an hour after.

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Katepots which mushroom powders have you tried and how have they helped you?




Anti inflammatory and immune boosting.

Also meant to boost libido as I have none!

Researching other types, so many, very interesting. Had no idea they had cancer healing properties either.

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I also have no libido. I've had a blood test to check hormone levels and it appears I have oestrogen dominance. Low progesterone compared to oestrogen and low testosterone and DHEA. There again my thyroid medication isn't optimal yet. Interesting, I'll look into cordyceps. Thanks.


Yes I'm oestrogen dominate too

Haven't tested dhea etc as gp not interested do that's my next lot of private labs along with Parasites...

Never ending!


I had the hormones tests done via Medichecks and the DHEA test was done privately via a clinic. Speaking of parasites etc I've just done a GI-MAP stool test but not got the results back yet.

I've been taking Metavive iii for three weeks now but I cant say I feel much better. Lots of muscular aches and pains for some reason. I think it will need lots of time. Yes it's never ending but I'm running out of patience!


Haha me too! To add insult to injury I've been in bed for three days with a buggered back.😩

I read on the humaworm site that parasite cleansing can make you feel dreadful for a few days, flu like.

Perhaps I'll look at metavive.

Looks like we are on he same page.

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Oh no I hope you feel better soon.

To be honest I'm trying not to think about the potential results. Hopefully it won't be too scary! 😱

You mention NDT above. What brand of NDT are you taking at the moment?


Thyroid S. Sooo much better on it.

Hope it's not too scary, let me know 😂

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Glad to hear Thyroid S is working for you. I'm waiting for the day my brain fog, fatigue and muscle aches disappear.

Will do or drop me a message in a few weeks time. I tend to forget the simplest of things very easily!


I am an idiot, haha had thought metavive was bug cleansing haha

Hadn't realised it was a form of NDT 😳

I just upped my dosage every couple of weeks until I felt better. Found I needed more NDT than Levo.

I take 120mg most days but two or three times a week I add an extra 60mg.

I can tell when I need it now, if really tired, mood or if eyelashes start to fall out.

I felt exhausted for a few weeks until my body got used to it so hang in there!




Quick question re. all these vitamins and minerals if that's ok (I'm very much learning!!) Is there a suitable recommended multivitamin that covers some of them at all? I have zinc, selenium (which tastes and smells DISGUSTING) iron and Vit D in separate bottles but it's such a faff I often forget as I frequently work 13 hour days. If I could take a multi supplement I think I'd be much more inclined to remember! you take NDT as well as Levo? You kindly commented on my previous post. I am on 50 mcg of Levo - I actually ordered Thyroid which arrived a couple of months ago but more as a precaution if the Levo didn't work. I haven't taken it yet but I assumed it was an either/or scenario rather than both. Can you advise please?

Thank you! x


No I just take NDT, Thyroid S. Best thing I did was to change. After initial slump with switching it made a huge difference. If you don't convert T4 to T3 very well then it's a no brainer.

T3 is 5 times more active than T4.

Hmmm there probably are some good multi vitamin out there but for most of us they wouldn't have high enough measures of things like vitamin D, B12 etc...

It all depends what your levels are I guess.


Have you had Folate, Ferritin, Vit D and B12 tested?


No, not as far as I'm aware - I'll check with doc next week when I see him. Am I correct in thinking there are certain vits/minerals you shouldn't take together? Again, if I could take a load in the morning I'd be fine - it's just staggering them throughout the day that I find tricky!!


Very important to you're likely to be deficient in some if not all, runs hand in hand.

I take thyroid meds as soon as wake up. Then an hour later have b12 in a smoothie with other bits and pieces (I don't need iron so not sure if you can have with others)

Then I have Vit D with evening meal as most fatty meal and helps with absorption.


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