GP wants to do repeat coeliac screen

Hi, I saw the GP today and she wants to repeat the coeliac screen as she feels I didn't do it for long enough. I had one done at the start of this year but it was negative and then my previous GP said that eliminating gluten and wheat would help me regardless but when I did the gluten challenge I only did it for 3 weeks. How long is the usual time to do the gluten challenge for or should I just cut gluten and wheat out anyway as I have been up to now? Thanks. :)

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  • Ella,

    "As a general guideline, the recommendation is to eat some gluten in more than one meal every day for at least six weeks before testing."

  • Thanks. So, I didn't do the gluten challenge for long enough and maybe not eat enough gluten in all my meals. So what I've done today is do this:

    Breakfast - 1 slice of toast.

    Lunch - 1 slice of toast with chicken soup

    I think bread contains more gluten than pasta, biscuits, cakes and chocolates. I think. I might be wrong.

  • Hi You need to be on wheat an d gluten for at least 2 weeks before a test. Even then sometimes negative when you know it should not be. Diet the best way to find out., according to my Endo.


  • Thanks Jackie! :) If the coeliac screen is negative again I think I'll do the elimination diet and take out dairy and gluten and see how it goes. But on hindsight I think it could be the thyroxine causing the gluten intolerance/coeliac symptoms as I am feeling worse since I've been on it.

  • Hi Quite possible as also autoimmune.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks, I think what I'll do in that case is perhaps continue the gluten challenge for now as well as take the thyroxine. At the next GP appointment in a month's time (when I'm due to give her a list of symptoms after eating certain foods) I'll tell her that it could be the thyroxine if it has appeared ever since I took that.

    Might it be worth getting my antibodies retested or is once enough?

  • If on treatment the antibodies may appear normal.


  • The one test they do can often produce a false negative. Cyrex labs in the US do more in depth testing to confirm. These tests are now available through Regenerus Labs in the UK.

    Personally I would just go gluten free if you think you have a problem. I have enjoyed the benefits since giving up gluten.

  • Thanks. I just don't think I did the gluten challenge for very long and the GP gave me no indication as to how long I needed to do it for. I will look at the Regenerus Labs online. :) Come to think of it the problems like the fatigue and constipation seem as if they have worsened since starting the thyroxine. But the blood test I'm having done in a few weeks will be interesting.

  • Good doses of VitC should help the constipation !

  • Thanks for this, I'm already taking Vitamin C for the iron supplements and the Vitamin C in that is 1000mg so I'm afraid of taking too much. I have been drinking lemon tea which is high in Vitamin C. Might that work or is that a daft idea?

  • I take 1000mcg x 2 - you could try it and see :-) Also Magnesium has been reported on here as helpful....

  • Strangely enough I bought a magnesium spray a few months ago because I thought that since I was iron deficient I could be magnesium deficient. I used the spray and my arms and legs tingled. So I thought it was working. I had a blood test done to check for magnesium and my level was 0.89 (0.70-1.00). I figured my magnesium was optimal but I used the spray again anyway and again my arms and legs tingled. So I can't work out if the spray is telling me I'm deficient in magnesium or that the blood test is right if that makes sense.

    I'll try the Vitamin C idea, thanks!

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