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Red Neck and Thyroid

Hi there, this is my first time writing on a blog but I have my own theory about the red neck symptoms. I have had mine since my 30's, currently 63. It doesn't stay red but comes on and off and is a very bright red on just one side or the other of my thyroid area with a definate line down the middle of my neck where it stops. People have always asked me about it because it is so very noticeable. I was diagnosised with hypothyroid in my later 20's and have taken all of the meds but mostly either nature throid or armor thyroid. I was also diagnosised in my 40's with CFS, and then adrenal exhaustion. My theory is that whatever side of my neck is red, the thyroid on that side is working overtime. I worked as a hospital RN for 37 yrs which was very stressful. During those particularly stressful moments and thereafter I would get the 1/2 red neck. I think the cortisol released from the adrenals affected by stress by either overstimulating my thyroid glands or by putting an additional stress on them so they had to become overactive or work harder to respond to the higher cortisol levels and then caused inflammation demonstrated by the bright flush of red. Menopause did not change it, various thyroid meds did not change it. Even when relaxed when I feel a spurt of cortisol come on, (weak adrenals cause inconsistent cortisol levels causing people to wake in the middle of the night for example, or I can feel a swell of anxiety in my chest), the red neck would appear. That's why I believe it's related to the adrenals and how the adrenals are affecting your thyroid. If anyone does choose to have their adrenals tested you want to make sure you take the saliva test with samples throughout the day and evening to get an accurate picture. Only your saliva will show the ACTIVE level of cortisol, your blood levels are inconsequential. Nautuopathic physicians will perform the saliva test whereas an endocrinologist will not. (they were useless to me, so I've gone to Naturopaths most of my adult life). I hope this might be helpful, even though it is just my theory.

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Welcome to the forum, Angela54p.

Interesting theory but why would the redness be due to thyroid over working when you are optimally dosed on thyroxine?


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