Adrenal Nutri Extra+ high cortisol levels

Hi all, I recently did a 24 hour cortisol saliva test. All of my levels were high and out of range all day.My DHEA was in range but at the low end. From what I can understand this means that my adrenals are working overtime at the moment and are stressed. I am currently taking ashwaghanda for this, have stopped drinking caffeine, alcohol and eating anything processed /high sugar- I have been doing this for approx 1 month so far- could I take Adrenal Nutri Extra to help regulate/calm my adrenals or is this supplement only for when your cortisol levels are very low??Many thanks:)

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Hi. Mine was high too. I've heard that Ashwaghanda isn't that great for some people. I use holy basil and it's worked for me.

Thankyou -I might give Holy Basil a go

Can I ask you how much Holy Basil you take? and how long before you started to feel any better.x

Hi. I started by taking 2x400mg daily, but can't remember how long it took to feel better. It's about 7 months ago. I've gone down to taking one a day and it was still ok. I buy Swanson's tulsi extract holy basil from Amazon. I stopped them completely 2-3 weeks ago as my endo said he wanted to test my adrenals. But the symptoms have returned so started taking the 2 a day again now.

Hi, i read a lot of info online that a combination of ashwagandha and rhodiola can help balance/lower cortisol levels. I suspect i have high cortisol levels, so i have started supplementing with this a month ago, so far i do feel better, little more energy. It's recommended to take rhodiola first as this gives you energy, and ashwagandha as that can help you get a restful nights sleep. I plan on doing this for 6 months, so i can't really say it works yet. But, i have not tested my levels so i dont know if i even had a problem to begin with. If you don't mind me asking what test kit did you use? Regarding the Adrenal Nutri Extra, i have read it helps those who are exhausted and feeling fatigued, but it has also caused others to develop anxiety and panic attacks. You may be right in thinking its better suited for those with low cortisol levels.

Hiya thanks for that- the test I had was a 24 hour saliva test that you can do from home. I bought it through the smartnutrition website, but it gets sent to Genova diagnostics for results/interpretation.

I did my test through them too.

i have 4 highs too

currently taking 5 holy basil, 2 jujube and 2 relora an hour before each high (the jujube and relora have to be taken together)

ive been told increase every 3-5 days until no more symptoms

i use swansons jujube and holy basil and NOW relora

Thanks x

i was told to make sure i get a good 8 hrs sleep a night, eat fresh foods, take deep breaths and exhale to stay calm through out the day, watch funny movies and laugh as much as possible and find things that are relaxing and enjoyable, take vit c and b complex and also i was put on dhea 5mg to start and now 10mg... i am also trying holy basil and was told not to take anything with glandulars in it

I am doing all of the above except for the DHEA thing. Did a doc prescribe this or did you just buy it over the counter? Do you feel any improvement on DHEA? Thanks


DHEA is not just a prescription medicine in the UK - it is a Controlled Drug. That means, even simple possession is illegal.

(This is in no way an argument as to the rights and wrongs - just identifying the legal status.)

Oh right!-I thought you could buy it over the counter-prob getting mixed up with pregnenolone!

wow in usa, it is over the counter.....

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