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So it turns out my adrenals are flat as a pancake. Can anyone cheer me up with tales of improving their adrenal function?

I decided to see one of the doctors on the list from thyroid uk, as I've been on thyroxine for a year or so and feel pretty good but not great. He did a range of tests and it turns out that whilst my blood levels of TSH, t4 and t3 are fine, thee is very little in my tissues. The reason is flat adrenals, diagnosed by 24 hour saliva cortisol test and cortisol blood test. I've not got to have a short something or other test to rule out addisons, then start some treatment to support the adrenals.

Although I'm pleased to know what's going and relieved there's a reason for not feeling quite right, I'm flippin' sick and tired of there being something wrong with me. Really fed up of having to think about it at all. I just want to function normally for a bit and think about other things.

He anyone successfully treated their adrenals? How long does it take? Is anyone back to their 'old' selves? All stories welcome, but preferably not ones that will make me feel worse!!


Lola xxx

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I'd be interested to know as well! I'm 3 months in to adrenal support and only a bit better. I believe it can take anything from 3 months to two years....



Oh noes, that really doesn't sound great. You're supposed to be cheering me up!!!

Have you had any over stimulation that people on here speak of, or is it going ok so far, apart from not feeling much better?


Only when I first started the Nutri adtenal extra..... I was very jittery and unwell feeling. That didn't last though and I manage the Nutri stuff well.

I have improved, don't get me wrong.... But still well off completely well. Just slow slow slowly going in the right direction.

It seems the adrenals are a right buggar to heal. Not a quick process..... :0(



Sounds like I might have to be in it for the long haul then. Glad you're improving though, that's encouraging. I actually don't feel too bad with it, not sure why. Fingers crossed for a good result with treatment.


My adrenals got tired.... they were reasonable in the morning but dropped to a flat line by 11 am, so I was ready to go to sleep.....

I started on Nutri adrenal extra but absolutely hate them,, I hate the taste, the smell, the colour, everything.... In the end I went to an adrenal forum on yahoo and asked Val for a dosing schedule...

I self treated with hydrocortisone.. starting at 20 mcg in a very split dose...... it took me two years to fully reduce the dose... i reduced it by 2.5mcg at a time...... I'm no longer on hc, have been fine for the past couple of years (apart from asthma), and have been out to boxercise this evening...... I now take my thyroid meds at night, to give the adrenals something to work with whilst I'm asleep.



Very interesting, thanks. I seem to have found a good doctor, so hopefully if I don't get on with the nutri adrenal he will look at other options. Good to hear you're feeling better,gives me hope!


I take Nutri Adrenal Xtra, 1.5 tabs. per day. I could not tolerate 2 per day as prescribed by Dr P. I seem ok on 1.5.

It is difficult to know if one is totally well or not as I cannot remember what that felt like. I am certainly better but this might be the 120mcg I am taking along with the Nutri.


I suspected my adrenals weren't working well last Summer and went to see a nutritionist. She put me on Liquorice tincture, Pantothenic Acid supplement (B5) and a probiotic, and I gave up gluten. caffeine and alcohol. I have to say I was feeling quite a lot better 2 months later and still am, and my gut feeling is that my adrenals are working better. Have just done the Adrenal Saliva test, so will know soon.

I have also been pretty much off work since last July, so I think resting has also given them a chance to recuperate. Not quite my old self but I think I'm getting there.

I hope things get better for you Lola, you may need patience!

Joanna xx


Am so envious of you being off work! I've gone down to 3 days which has helped I think. I've actually made quite a few changes which should support my adrenals, and I suspect why were worse around October time, so fingers crossed I may be 'on the turn!'.

Like you I'm on a good probiotic, have up wheat a while ago so hopefully that'll all help. I take b12 (not sure if that helps?) and vitamin c, I guess the dr will add more after this short thingy test.

Thanks for getting back to me, you've given me hope!


Hi Lola,

What are the tests that see if the thyroxine is getting into your tissues? My blood test results are all high but I'm still very hypo.

Thanks. X


Hi, the dr did the usual bloods for TSH, t4, t3 but also did a 24 hour urine test which apparently gives an indication of the tissue levels. An also blood and saliva cortisol tests. Apparently it's all about whether your body can make best use of the t3&4 that it has, and if your adrenals are poorly functioning you can't.

Hope that helps x


Hi Again, Thanks so much for the info. These I tests I need to organise. More money, lol!! XX


i saw Dr Peatfield in Nov , since then this is what i take every day....

1000 vit C

selenium 50mg

calcium 30mg

N Adrenal 2 tablets at 30mg for first 2 weeks morn and afternoon

now i take 4 a day 30mg each one,

q10 30mg

nutri thyroid 2 tablets in morning (will post dose,cant think at this moment!!)

i take my thyroxine at nighttime as not to mix them,

magnezium 100 i think! will check.

i really do take this every day without fail and i def def feeling brighter, my mind is less foggy and i do feel a little less tired in the evenings ( i actually feel bothered to do a bit of ironing or sort out a messy cupboard!) due to hubby working nights, thats why i do things in eve!! not colmpletely mad!!

so as i was saying, i do feel its helping me, sometimes its hard to remember how unwell you felt ,say last year, but i do feel a little more clear and poitive, so i will def be taking this brew for ages!!!

i really do beleive that the advice Dr P gave me about my poor Adrenals have helped me.


Thanks for this, that's quite a dosing regime! Do you happen to know what's in these nutri adrenal that everyone takes? I suspect I'll be given some, people seem to have mixed experiences but it sounds like its going well for you. I'm hoping that all the changes I've already made will stand me in good stead for a reasonable recovery.

Good luck with yours too x


Here goes...

Bulking agent, diacalcium phosphate, humectant: microcrystalline,cellulose,adrenal concentrate,(bovine) ,gum acacia, steriac acid,

Silicone dioxide, alcohol ,talc, polyethylene glycol,polysorbate!!!!!!! Phew,,,

So m

I'm thinking the important bit is the adrenal concentrate that comes from cows, The rest seems additive bits.

Ok hope this helps. .


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