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Please can someone read my results

Please can someone read my results! Like many on this forum I am desperate to get some answers to this increasingly worrying health problem,& also like many others I'm getting nowhere with my doctor! Yesterday I felt so bad,it was even more off the scale ,if that's possible, than usual,my heart was racing,I literally thought I was going mad!! - this is very worrying & I need some help &fast! In a nutshell I have all the classic symptoms (do I have space to list them all here?,I'm a newbie & not sure)..

Very briefly & finally just over 2 months ago I was reluctantly prescribed by my gp 25 mg

of levothyroxane..I wasn't on them even a month because it so mucked up my sleep was awful!!..,so my gp took me off them!

Since then I had a thyroid test done tsh has risen higher than before + my thyroid peroxidase is well high at 178.0!! ....anyway, these are my results

Vit b12 312 (only since I've been having jabs..before that it was only 130!!)

Foliate serum 4.2

Ferritin 41

C reactive protein 0.6


Total thyroxine 100

tsh 6.39

Free thyroxine 16.0

Free T3 4.8

Vit d just 22

Thyroid a/body 349.0

Thyroid peroxidase 178.0

Please help me ..I would have posted this yesterday but was just too ill to do that!!

Many thanks for your help, signed (desperate)..Julie

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If you add the ranges of the blood results it will help people help you.

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Many thanks Kes8, I have now posted my ranges ( sorry,am new to all this & am in a bit of a dither at moment!) I hope it all helps, thanks.



You need to resume Levothyroxine because autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) is causing your thyroid to fail. Ask your pharmacist to dispense a different make to that you tried previously.

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.

You should check whether folate 4.2 is within range. If it is deficient your GP should prescribe 5mg folic acid in addition to B12 injections otherwise the B12 won't be transported to cells.

Ferritin 41 is low. Optimal is halfway through range. If you don't have a range then aim for 70 -100. You can raise ferritin by supplementing iron. Take iron with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. When you resume Levothyroxine it must be taken 4 hours away from iron.

VitD 22 nmol/L is severely deficient. Your GP should refer to local guidelines or the Do NOT accept a prescription for 800iu which is a maintenance dose prescribed after vitD is replete >75. My GP prescribed 40,000iu daily x 14 followed by 2,000iu daily x 8 weeks which raised vitD from <10 to 107. Vitamin D should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


Many thanks Clutter,I really appreciate all your help & advice. ..So I need to go back to my doctor & get them to resume Levothyroxine because of Hashimotos.My gp put me on these (25 mcg) & I didn't even finish the month because I said I were getting side effects like it really messing my sleep up she decided to take me off these completely & left it at that - not even offering any substitute!! Typical!! I knew at the time this was wrong & like many others I was being so fobbed off!! If I don't get through with this gp,to ask if I can try a different brand, I'll change my gp!!...Yes,I've suspected,like many others for a very long time that I was definitely also gluten intolerant for sure!! & unfortunately like many the Coeliac tests I was having kept coming back negative!! I get absolutely the most horrible flares,renders you housebound virtually,all the classic symptoms!I'm just recovering still from one 2 days ago!!Like many others you really wouldn't wish this on anyone!It's an absolute Nightmare! Psychologically like you think you are going mad,& mentally + physically!!!

Oh,also I suspect some in my family have this,some aspects too plus also my mum had a goitre removed at the age I am now,around 60!My gp said looks like she was hyperthyrold whilst I'm hypo!

Yes,I'll also follow through on what you said regards vit d too,& I hope I get somewhere with my gp when I next see her,

Many thanks once again



You need Levothyroxine because your thyroid is failing and Hashimoto's will progressively damage your thyroid until it is unable to make hormone.

Your GP will prescribe Levothyroxine and won't specify which make. You need to have that discussion with your pharmacist. If you can remember the make you tried previously make sure you ask your pharmacist for a different make. Ask for your prescription form back and take it elsewhere if your pharmacist isn't helpful.

It is possible to have sensitivity to gluten even if coeliac tests were negative. Symptoms should improve 3-4 weeks after going gluten-free if you have sensitivity.


Hi Clutter, thanks again,and in answer to your latest post too,I am in process of going back to my gp...I didn't realise that I can have a discussion with my pharmacist to ask for a different brand...I really can't understand whatsoever just why my gp didn't do that in 1st place!! Give me a replacement when I told her I had bad reaction, I dunno again they will try any stunt to get away with not adequately treating you!! Let's hope I get a better response next time! Plus,yes I definitely know you can still be sensitive to gluten even if coeliac tests come back negative!! I will try to go gluten free ,to cut down on any nasty glare ups!! Many thanks once again for all your help so far!



GPs write a prescription for Levothyroxine. It is up to the pharmacist which brand to dispense. If your GP wrote a prescription for Brand X and it wasn't available the pharmacist wouldn't be able to substitute Brand Y and you would have to return to the GP for a new prescription.


Many thanks Clutter & Kes8 for your replies & all your much needed help in all this!Like many others I have waited a very long while to be helped in this.It is much appreciated!! Sorry I didn't put the ranges here on my 1st post I'm very new to all this! Anyway,I'll do my best + also, my test was done with Blue Horizon & the ones in Red were definitely flagged up & they were

TSH ,VIT D, & thyroid a/bodies & to

All in RED! -

So my vitb12, 312 pg/ml 197-771(note amended reference range due to change to General 11 essay)

Foliate (serum) 4.2 ug/L 2.9 (note new reference range effective 03/04/2017)

Ferritin 41 ug/L 13-150 (optimum Ferritin levels for females >27 ug/L)

C Reactive protein 0.6 mg/L < 5.0

total thyroxine (T4) 100 nmol/L 59 - 154

TSH * 6.39 miu/L 0.27 -4.2

Free thyroxine 16.0 pmol/l 12.0 -22.0

Free T3 4.8 pmol/L 3.1 -6.8

25 OH VIT D * 22 nmol/L 50 -200 (deficient < 25 nmol/L , insufficient 25-49 nmol/L,normal range 50 -200 nmol/L,consider reducing dose > 200 nmol/L

& Immunology- Thyroid a/ bodies

thyroglobulin a/body * 349.0 iu/ml 0-115 ( method used for AntiTg Roche Modular)

thyroid peroxidase a/bodies * 178.0 (thyroid microsmal a/ body assays using semiquantitative agglutination titles are no longer available & the more specific quantitative assay for a/bodies to thyroid peroxidase will now be the only assay used. These essays are clinically equivalent & have been offered in parallel for several years.)

Well that's the ranges,I hope I got everything + I added their notes they added (some I think I understand but a bit confused over the rather long winded one after the a/bodies result!!) Once again, Many thanks for all your help! It is all very much appreciated, I can't say this enough!! Well I hope all this helps! Thanks,



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