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To Gray Goose, thanks for your replies, here are my blood test results: Free T4-1.08

T3-92 . TSH-8.82 TPA-348 Thyroid Antibodies- 1 . My Vitamin D 25 OH Total was 54

Vitamin D 25 OH D3-54 My Vitamin D 25 OH 02 was <4, Total Iron 93 Iron Binding Capacity 309, doctor said my cbc with differential panal shows Iron is good, did not test for B12 . My new doctors recommendations are to increase my Levoxyl from 37.5mcg to 50mcg, says I do not need to take T3. Does this sound right to you?? Thank you for your help.

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Lynn, do you have the laboratory reference ranges for those blood tests? It’s hard for us to work out what’s going on without them.


greygoose :)

But I’d say your doctor is being needlessly conservative - I think you’ll need more than a 12.5mcg increase in levothyroxine dose. Is it because you have heart issues or another medical condition that you’re only getting tiny increases in levothyroxine?

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No, I do not have a heart condition and yes I can give you the reference ranges


I'm not sure why she is only increasing my Levoxyl to 50mcg, wants to test my blood work in another 6 weeks. I will get you the reference ranges


To- Grey Goose and JazzW- here are the reference ranges- T4 free 0.82-1.77

T3-71-180 TSH-0.450-4.500 TPA-<9 IU/ml Thyroglobulin Antibodies <or= 1 IU/ml


You know, it really would help if you gave the results and the ranges at the same time. It's very difficult to scroll up and down all the time.

Well, your TSH is way too high for someone on thyroid hormone replacement, and 12.5 mcg is not going to do anything to help that. You need the full 25 mcg increase - and probably another couple of increases after that.

Your FT4 isn't even mid-range - as would be expect with a TSH like that. And your T3 is the wrong test. That's the TT3 you have there, and what you need is the FT3. Impossible to tell how well you convert and if you need to take T3 without the right tests. But, it's too soon to tell, anyway. You need to get your TSH down to around one before you start worrying about that. :)


Grey Goose.. Thank you for your help, I apologize, I'm new to this site and have no idea what I'm doing, just trying to figure all of this out, it seems you can't trust doctors, you have to take your health in your own hands. My doctor is prescribing me 50mcg of Levoxyl which I did not pick up at the pharmacy yet, I do have another bottle here at the house with me now 75mcg, I know your not a doctor but do you think I should take the 75mcg?? I appreciate all the feed back.


To JazzW... Thank you for your help, I'm sorry if I confused you, I'm new to the site and not sure what I'm doing, I just am so tired and want to feel better, I've been through hell the last two years trying to figure out my thyroid and hormones, It seems to be a great task for doctors to come up with a plan to help. I have 75mcg of Levoxyl here with me at the house, I did not pick up the 50mcg at the pharmacy they had to order it, its out of stock, I was wondering if you think I could take the 75mcg instead. Thanks again!!!


Hi Lynn, don’t worry.

I have to admit, I’d be very tempted to take the 75mcg, yes. I take you’ve been having half a 75mcg tablet to take 37.5mcg a day? I’m not sure why your doctor is being so cautious if you have no other health conditions.

But do you have enough 75mcg tablets to do that? When your 50mcg tablets are in you’ll be able to take one and a half of those to make 75mcg.


Yes, I have been taking 37.5mcg of Levoxyl. I have 75mcg of Levothyroxine, I thought it was Levoxyl. Should I take the 75mcg of Levothyroxine or wait to get the 50mcg of Levoxyl. Not sure if you can mix the two together if need be. I hear the Levoxyl is stronger, is it better?

What do you think?? Which one should I take? Thanks for your help.!!


Sorry but your details sound very confusing. 1) Start again with the blood test results and ranges. 2) How you feel? 3) What exactly you were taking immediately before the blood test.


TSH 8.82 ( 0.450 - 4.500)

Free T4 and so on OK?


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