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Will T3 help?

I've had the following symptoms for a while..

cold hands and feet, an overall feeling of being cold, anxiety, tiredness, tinnitus. I thought this could be a thyroid problem.

I had blood tests done, results below-

free T4 20.38 pmol/L

free T3 5.8 pmol/L

TSH 1.41 mU/L

LH 6.0

FSH 7.0

Ferritin 393 ug/L

The doctor says my results are all normal, no problem with my thyroid.

I've taken my body temperature (oral) when feeling cold and this is typically 35 degrees. Note this is while indoors in a warm room with plenty of clothing.

So, are my results okay? Would I benefit from T3 supplements? My doc thinks not and won't prescribe.


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Your thyroid tests look fine. You need to add the ranges.

But FT3 looks high in range (a good thing) TSH is low, also a good thing

You possibly need to test thyroid antibodies

Certainly need to test vitamin D, Folate and B12

Private testing via


Vitamindtest.org.uk - £28 postal kit



Do you have the lab ref ranges for the results? The lab ref ranges are the figures in brackets after the results.

Your TSH 1.41 is low-normal and FT4 20.38 and FT3 5.8 are usually high in range which indicates euthyroid (normal) levels. I don't think you need or will get any benefit at all from taking T3.

I think ferritin 394 may be high but I can't be sure without seeing the range.

It may be worth asking your GP to check vitamin D, B12 and folate as low/deficient levels can cause fatigue and anxiety, and low B12 can cause tinnitus.


I will need to dig out the actual results document to find the ranges - will see if I can find that tomorrow.

one other result that might be worth mentioning, the only abnormal result was elevated bilirubin - doc said I have Gilberts Syndrome but apparently this isn't a big deal.



You can Google "Gilberts Syndrome" to find out more about it.


Gilberts Syndrome with high bilirubin is nothing to worry about. It can be worse during periods of stress and dehydration or a slight infection.


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