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glad i joined

i have been taking thyroxine for the past 20 years,have seen 2 maybe 3 endos and god knows how many gps and have never been told the following

take 1st thing on empty stomach and do not eat for an hour

when having tsh test do not take thyroxine for the preceding 24hrs

so where does that leave me? does it mean that all the tests i have had are wrong???

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Those are patient to patient tips which most doctors won't know about or necessarily agree with.

The reason for leaving off Levo for 24 hours is that if you take it before your blood draw, as Levo peaks in the blood up to about 6 hours (I think) then you will get a higher FT4 than otherwise.

The reason for taking Levo on an empty stomach and leaving an hour before eating is so that it can be absorbed properly.

If you've been taking it differently for years, it very likely that you are being dosed appropriate for your own circumstances. How do you take your Levo and how do you feel?


either in the morning after breakfast or last thing at night on going to bed


forgot to say mostly i feel motivation,extreme tiredness,profuse sweating even when its cold, no libido and bone and muscle aches and pains



Have you got your latest test results? You could be undermedicated. Post them, with reference ranges and say what dose of Levo you take.

Taking it before bed suits some members better, but you need to leave 2 hours after eating, 3 hours of a big meal, so that stomach is empty.

Bone and muscle aches and pains can be due to low nutrient levels, particularly Vit D. It would be a good idea to get them tested, they are often low in us Hypos:

Vit D




If GP won't do them, Medichecks and Blue Horizon do fingerprick test kits to do at home.


thanks,i'm on vit 'd' replacement

i shall get the others checked after the holidays


If D3 is being prescribed at 800iu daily, it won't really be enough to raise a low level. Do you know what your level was?

The Vit D Council recommends a level of 100-150nmol/L


sorry i dont know what the test level was

i am taking 2x 1000iu avititcol capsules daily


The above link takes you to your previous post/thread. So now you know why your TSH is still so high and the FT4 is low in range - all because of the way you were taking your T4 - so the absorption was poor and you are feeling bad :-( Try taking the way others have suggested and hopefully your levels will improve ....

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