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Does anyone else have a lot of breast pain? After having a hysterectomy at 45 I am now 66, so long past the menopause but get a lot of pain

in my right breast. I have had all the usual mammograms and even some emergency ones in between. The last time I saw the breast doctor he was quite rude and asked me what medication I was taking, when I said Thyroxine (for the last 20 years) he said "Well, that explains it!" Does anyone else been told that Thyroxine can have this side effect. I do try to take Evening Primrose oil as that does eventually ease it. Should I be worried, I know that there are other types of breast cancer which do not show on a mammogram.

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I don't think that it's the thyroxine that is causing the breast pain - but the thyroid itself. Cystic breasts are one of the many symptoms that crop up with low thyroid hormones. I was that person over 30 years ago - but the association was not made. I am 67 and have looked back over the years and can see many links with the thyroid underfunctioning. I was diagnosed at 59. Doing well ! I no longer have mammograms.....Am not suggesting you have cysts - but I do believe there may be connection with the thyroid.

Maybe it is time for more blood tests to check out your levels - or if you have had them done recently post them with their ranges....and someone will comment. Perhaps you need a dose change... What are your levels of VitD ? It's a steroidal pre-hormone and also anti-inflammatory. vitamindcouncil.com may give some information of interest.... Iodine levels ? If you do not have Hashimotos it may be worthwhile having your levels checked ...Low iodine has been implicated in breast health. Low T3 ?

Please do not worry.....

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I have read that iodine supplementation can help with breast health. But then there are lots of questions about thyroid sufferers taking iodine. There seems to be no consensus opinion as to whether it is safe or not.


The thing that puzzles me about iodine is that very few people with thyroid problems ever test to see if their iodine levels are okay, and I really don't know why. It is something I want to do when funds permit. I certainly wouldn't take iodine supplements without getting it tested first though, that's for sure.


I suffered with severe breast pain, then found out that it was caused by too much caffeine. A reduction in coffee alleviated this problem. It's possibly because coffee depletes the body of magnesium and other vitamins.



I have been having breast pain for the past few weeks and some itching/general discomfort - all in my left breast. I got really stressed about it because like you I have had regular mammograms, but then read about IBC which doesn't show up on mammograms and I had never heard of that before.

Anyway I went to the doctors this week and they have referred me the breast clinic just to be on the safe side.


Hi Twitchen,

I realise this is an old thread but I just wondered if you got to the bottom of this as I have the same symptoms......thank you


Actually 2017 I went for my last mammogram and was diagnosed with breast cancer and had lumpectomy and three weeks radio therapy. All O.K. Now But they said it was oestrogen driven so now have to take pills to suppress it. In hindsight perhaps I should have made more of a fuss at the time. Better safe than sorry. Although I never missed a mammogram.


Starflower oil/Borage contains much more gla (=active ingredient) than Evening Primrose oil, so you might want to swap. I use Jarrows formula's one that contains 240mg of gla for breast pains and cysts that come and go. (I do have yearly checks by a breast specialist).

Few years ago, I had a 24hr urine collection to test - it showed marked deficiency in iodine. I started supplementing but then stupidly stopped based on a GP's views . I went on developing a multinodular goitre..

Last year I restarted supplementing daily with 12.5mg iodine complex by ProThera (capsule form) and have noted that my multinodular goitre, breast health are better since, and weight has stabilised (instead of unwanted weight loss) . This amount is the same than an average Japanese gets from their daily diet. Iodine is also important for brain..


I had cystic breast pain and lumps and was advised by breast clinic of a diet that cut out caffine nuts bannanas red wine and cheese and to cut down on animal fat I tried it and the pain soon stopped any breast lumps I had seemed to disolve within a year or so and my last mamogram was clear. I still stick to the diet and have had no return of the pain at all. Hope that helps. I


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