Have I hashimoto's?

Hospital letter came this morning, the same consultant who does not recognise t3 conversion. He did however do TPO test and anti-Ro. The TPO was srongly positive and the anti Ro negative.

This was my first ever endo visit in the 21 years I have been taking thyroxine!!. He thinks I have Sjogrens and is getting me passed to Rheumo for that.

I now take my own t3, as fed up of being so ill. Can anyone tell me if anything going on?

Thanks xx

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  • rgraham, positive thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab) means you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). Having one autoimmune disease unfortunately predisposes you to others like Sjogrens which is not uncommon in thyroid patients.

    Anti Ro negative suggests you may not be positive for Sjogrens and Lupus but I believe a lip biopsy may be more conclusive for Sjogrens. There is an Australian HU Sjogrens forum healthunlocked.com/sjogrens...


  • Thank you for that quick reply . I understand though that Hashimoto's is simply another title and that treatment the same. Is this correct? The test for Sjogrens is because I have dry eyes according to my optician.. My son is Type 1 diabetic and my daughter and I both have Diverticular disease and other auto problems through family so not really surprised , but nice to know officially. xx

  • rgraham, NHS treatment for Hashimoto's is Levothyroxine the same as for non-autoimmune hypothyroidism. Many Hashi sufferers find benefit from Gluten-free diet, although it doesn't help everyone, and some people think g-f can help with other autoimmune disease.

    Hashimoto's and non-autoimmune hypothyroidism can both cause dry eyes and a preservative free eye drop can relieve dryness but it is good that Sjogrens is being checked out.

  • Thanks, I also suffer from Gluten intolerance so maybe that was the cause, they tried to rule out Coeliac's . Maybe if I try harder at that might see an improvement. Worth a try . Thanks again x

  • I posted an article today by Chris Kresser about Hashimotos and gluten. You may find it useful... :-)

  • Yes thank you I did read that earlier ,very good info x

  • :-)

  • sheer most basic glaring ignorance of the way thyroxine T4 is converted to T3 which is the only form majority of cells in the body need to function

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