Underactive Thyroid Gland

Hi all I was wondering in anyone could help me. I have had an Underactive Thyroid Gland for 3 years now and was taking

100mg of thyroxine to start with. I also have hypotension and for.some reason the thyroxine was the cause of what they called a mini heart attack. My thyroxine was then lowered to 50mg but my blood pressure does not like it now NO one will seems to understand why I am so tired late in the day or if we were to go away anywhere how exhausting it all is for me. I refuse to take my thyroxine I don't want a heart attack again but I have constant colds I am run down all the time and at the moment have flu. No one is aware I do not take my thyroxine I just want to know if an alternative is avaliable that I can take instead that does not effect that way

I am scared and feel so unwell all the time. I am a completely different person.

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  • Who said the thyroxine cause your heart attack? And what is the proof of that theory? It sounds highly unlikely to me. I doubt you were under-medicated on 100 mcg, which is little more than a starter dose.

    It would be interesting to see some of your labs, to see just where you were when you were diagnosed, and where you were when you had your heart attack. Un/under-treated hypothyroidism is far more likely to cause heart problems than well-treated.

    There are, of course, other things you could take. But, before recommending anything, or a dose, it would be necessary to see your blood test results. :)

  • Ooh, you should have a read of hypothyroidism type II by mark starr. He explains that some people are unaware they have low thyroid until they have their first heart atttack

    If you have low thyroid levels, you will just feel more and more unwell. What levels of tsh, free t4 and free t3 do you have? Did your doctor test them?

  • Yes but I can't remember. My GP is very good only at NJS surgery twice a week. He did mention my levels are not changing with the Medes and questioned if I had taken them. I told him the truth he asked me to first go home get some rest and then read the information he gave me. I am aware I am in the wrong I just do not want to have another heart attack. I was thinking of taking them again as I do feel so ill I can't do anything I am so tired I just wondered what would happen if I carried on not taking them and took lots of vitamins instead.

    Thank you though for your support.

    I kind of feel like a naughty school child.

  • Tell your surgery that you now want, from now on, a copy of all your blood test results with the ranges (they may charge a small sum for paper/ink). Keep them for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

    If you are hypothyroid you will have serious consequences if you don't take hormone replacements. Sometimes, and I admit I did, we feel far worse but you have to try to get to a level which makes you feel well. If we have too low a dose we can get problems. If you aren't improving then you can look at adding T3 to your T4. Most doctors wont prescribe T3 but some members have sourced their own. If you are able to increase your levothyroxine to an optimum dose for you and that means a TSH of around 1 or lower (your GP may be unaware of this).

  • time your doctors got educated

    not taking thyroid meds / thyroxine is crazy because its hypothyroid which puts you at major risk of heart attack

    you need to slowly return to taking levo but start back with 25mcg a day and only increase 25mcg every 3 or 4 weeks

    what is vital though is to get copies of all blood test results and keep them in a file

    plus get




    vit d3

    tested because its utterly vital that all 4 are at least halfway in their ranges otherwise your body cannot utilise the levothyroxine and convertvit into the t3 that every cell in your body needs

  • Thank you. I have just taken a very old 25mcg which I was on at last then I had to slowly increase the level till I got to 200. I had no idea I could also have a heart attack by not taking them

  • Seems to me that you are possibly not converting the levo (T4) to T3, the active hormone. But, you won't know that until you see your FT4 and FT3 results. If your T3 is too low, it will have an adverse effect on your heart.

    You cannot replace hormones with vitamins - although your vitamins do all need to be optimal for your body to use the hormone you give it. You really do need to get copies of your results.

  • Gosh I keep wrighting a post and it crashes. I will put this in two parts. I was dragged to the doctor after mum passed away 2013 a week before Christmas. I had no idea what blood tests had beens done as I was grieving so much all I did was cry as I had moved in with mum the last 6 months of her life

    . you mentioned heart attack well mum died having one even though she had cancer

  • So much to learn so much to take in but I will do anything now to get better. No one seems to understand why I sometimes so tired feel dizzy light headed and need to lay down stright away. I have always thought this was my blood pressure as I also have hypotension big time. Reading how someone feels they need to crash is what happens to me. Can not get my sisters and brothers to understand I do not have the strength to drive 70 odd miles for a weekend of go carting then going out for a meal them carry on the next day with 15 of us for Sunday Roast. My husband takes care of my share of the help with my son and I feel terrible about it but I will be so tired and sickly I just need to sleep. Are you saying if I take you he prescribed dose I will feel better? Will it help look after my heart? Will it stop me catching every illness going round? Will my bones stop hurting and headaches go away as this is just a little of what I live with. I will ask my GP all the above but I am aware of what he will say "maybe we will see" so please if you have only 10% of the above please let me know as I am learning by reading from this site and starting to get a better understanding. I do remember on one of the tests I did ask what my levels were and he said no change the words 2 were also in that sentence but I did not know what he meant other than we need to test again no change is not good news. I have had the t st done again but I am now afraid I shall have to let him know I did not take my thyroxine meds.

    What an idiot I have been and selfish to my family taking the risk of a heart attack. Anything else I should be looking out for or recognizing while I am waiting 2 weeks to see the doctor? It will help me if you or anyone else are aware of the symptoms and dangers of not taking my meds.

  • try and calm down and take things one day at a time

    dont bother telling the gp you have not taken the meds

    just get hold of previous results and get the tests i have listed done thats whats important

    tell your doctor you got tye info from Thyroiduk because its an NHS choices website so its info is correct

    in order to boost your immune system and help to heal the adrenals which are clearly stressed take at least 2000mg a day of Vitamin C in divided doses

    you can take 3000 or 4000 or 5000 push it until you get diarrohea thats when you have reached saturation point

    Vitamin C powder is best bet as it wont have additives like aspartamine

    i am sure Amazon does it

  • As you have advised me, believe you are correct in my not telling my GP. I shall make another appointment with one of the other GPs as soon as possible get those results printed out. I will also let he or she know I am ready to go back on 100mg even though I still have some from first prescribed. Thank you again. I did try to call them today but the automated speaker said I was number 9 in line, ha ha I could have had an appointment got my print out and be back home looking after myself with flu. I am going in to ask he receptionist if she can get me in. I am on antibiotics at the moment as the flu gave me a sinus infection. I will let you know how I get on thank you once again you have been so helpful and woken me up to the dangers of not taking my meds

  • My names GP is away he would to a print out and any test so I thing I will wait till then as he is also sympathetic. I took 25mg last night and 25mg this morning.. I do have 50mg and 100mg Thyroxine but not sure if I should up them before telling him what I have done. He will be cross but he will understand. He will have no problem doings the blood tests you suggested. Thank you so much for helping me get back on them.

  • no do not try to increase that thyroxine in a hurry

    you must stay on 25mcg for 3 weeks then go up to 50mcg for 4vweeks then you can increase by another 25mcg

    you MUST NOT SUDDENLY HIT YOUR BODY WITH MORE PLUS if ferritin or folate or b12 are low then your body cannot utilise the levo

    TAKE IT SLOWLY ...get that vitamin C powder ordered and take that

  • its utterly vital you only increase that levothyroxine by 25mcg every 4 weeks

    you cannot under any circumstances rush this or you will be worse not better

  • OK I have got it now and that will explain why I had a heart attack. Thank advice taken and noted. Thank You

  • sometimes Hypothyroid presents with heart problems and only very astute doctors recognise it

    the biggest problem is hypothyroid causes massive depletion of vitamins and minerals ( my husband had proven scurvy and beri beri ) despite always eating 6 oranges a day and homemade stoneground wholemeal bread etc so its vital to deal with those issues too

  • I have had the same problem for days.

    It's so frustrating especially when you are almost done. Don't know if you remember the.other day I posted in two parts for fear of the post crashing

    A bit like most of us with Hypothyroidism posts are feeling it as well lol that why it's catching

    Go feet you mobile.laptop tablet iPad with a Bannana lol

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