I went into hospital for 2 days as been feeling very ill .Have had hashimotos for 11 yrs went hyper,never been right since ,even with dose r

eduction,improved slightly,but feelings of flushing ,jittery,pounding heart,muscle jumping,loose stools in am,exhuastion ,waking at night by hormonal surges,weak,not worked for 3 months.Had all tests you can think of and apparantly I am a healthy specimen.Saw the endocrinologist who stated that in all his 25 yrs as endo never saw thyroid like this and further more it does not matter about fluctuations in your thyroid blood results , it just does not effect people like this and further more it is of no difference what make of thyroxine you take.It means nothing that you have been on a higher dose for years and now need a lot less.I was shocked at this and was practily told I was just anxious and need to go on antideppresents.No way, Thyroxine is the only drug I take and have had enough issues with that.I,he said can see am not a deprresed person but because everything else appears normal ,this is the only answer.Now I am grateful all test are normal and do greatly appreicate nhs (I have been nurse for 35 yrs in nhs).But sometimes the drs need to stop ,listen and change things and realise there are different valid oppions from the public ,not a tick box medicine were if you do not fit into there tick box ,there is nothing they can do,its either in your head or go home and deal with it yourself.As a nurse when ever I see someone in extremis I naturally feel drawn to be with them ,listen and most important beleive what they are saying and feeling.,I am with them ,even when I do not have it my power to heal them ,I will take what it does to try and get them there.

Sorry about this rant but it had to be said.Just because you are dr does not mean you have the monopoly on what is right.

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  • hy suzybow , now you are actually seeing from the side of 'the patient ' what all of us HAVE to endure from OUR nhs system as someone that has given their entire life to 'the system ' I hope you have empathy with others on this --and other sites -- I only have sincere hope that these so called specialists [ and you don't sound like you have one --- chocolate tea-pot in a forrest fire comes to mind --- ] have similar things come back to B+T+ THEM BACK ON THE B+M...I think you need to get to a PROPER endocrinologist and NOT SOMEONE THAT HAS NOT GOT A CLUE ON THE SUBJECT ...... it seems obvious from your blog on his/her reply's to you ...LoL alan xx

  • .....we cannot comment as you know without your results and ranges. I have Hashimotos too so know my way around a bit ! How is your B12 VitD Ferrtin Folates Iron - they too need to be high in their ranges....Selenium dose ? Gluten Free ? Most auto-immune issues start in the gut so it is important to heal that first of all.....am sorry to say that it is important to take control of your health and heal yourself. I have had some very good surgeons in my time when serious surgery was required - but as for making myself well - it has been my own journey. Ah yes Dr BDP also was involved in supporting me with the knowledge and wisdom he has - and his team.....

  • Very wise advice from Marz as always. Do get the things checked that she suggests. It looks like the time has come for you to take charge of your own health - this so often happens to people on this site when the system that is supposed to look after them lets them down.

    Please don't think that you are ranting. We know exactly how you feel, and understand your problems. Have the tests done as suggested, but remember always that there are other options you can check too if it becomes necessary.

    Jane x

  • Thankyou all

  • It must be so demoralising for medical professionals to be 'dismissed' in such a way by so called specialists. Dr. tick box may know his lab ranges but he seems to know squat about drugs (reaction to fillers, for example) or biochemistry. YOU are the expert on your body, bodily changes and bodily reactions. He's just the greasy rag mopping up the oil spill.

    My sister reminded me tonight how comforted she was to be given a hug by a nurse and told "you're very poorly" when she was suffering thyrotoxicosis and being tested to the nth degree for the diagnosis.

  • Why not tidy this up a tad and put it up as a 'my story' on the Patient Opinion website? I feel there's a bit of a groundswell of interest in our problems currently. It would be good to keep our profile high. You don't need to post your name, or doctor (although they do ask for the hospital, if involved - I expect you could decline to name it if you wanted). Link to the website here : patientopinion.org.uk/youro...

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