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Vitamin and mineral levels

GP has said I have mood issues and gave me antidepressants. He is not acting on below bloods just wondering why he would do this? Have had 5 year history of low ferritin/iron and no action taken. Thank you

Sep 17

Ferritin 11 (30 - 400)

Folate 3.8 (4.6 - 18.7)

Vitamin B12 177 (180 - 900)

Vitamin D 26.6 (<25 severe vitamin D deficiency...25 - 50 vitamin D deficiency...50 - 75 vitamin D may be suboptimal...>75 adequate)

Iron 6.1 (6 - 26)

Transferrin saturation 13 (12 - 45)

MCV 80.3 (83 - 98)

MCHC 387 (310 - 360)

MCH 28.2 (28 - 32)

Haemoglobin 112 (115 - 150)

RBC count 4.42 (3.80 - 5.80)

WBC count 7.10 (4.00 - 11.00)

Haematocrit 0.41 (0.37 - 0.47)

Platelets 248 (140 - 400)

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I'm not surprised you have mood issues with untreated results like those. See another GP at the practice or change GP practice and make sure you write to the practice manager making a formal complaint of your GP's negligence in failing to treat severe mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Deficient ferritin, MCV and haemoglobin indicates iron deficiency anaemia. Treatment is usually 3 x 210mg Ferrous Fumarate. Take each tablet with 1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption and minimise constipation. Iron should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.

B12 and folate are deficient. GP should initiate B12 injections 48 hours prior to you being prescribed 5mg folic acid daily. Investigation should be done as to whether you have pernicious anaemia causing deficiencies. Symptoms are listed in are the experts on PA, B12 and folate deficiencies if you need more advice.

Vitamin D is deficient. Your GP should refer to local guidelines or the NICE CKS recommendations for treating vitamin D deficient adults Do NOT accept a prescription for 800iu which is a maintenance dose prescribed after vitD is replete >75. Vitamin D should be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine.


Do mot take antidepressants they will solve nothing


Agreed - this isn’t a mental health issue. It’s physical. Doctor should be struck off...


Theres an epidemic of GPs who should be struck off this week has seen a plethora of people with very severe hypothyroidism being ignored by GPs and undertreated for years


I agree with all comments not to take antidepressants if at all possible. Your problems look like they are related to low vitamin and mineral levels. What about thyroid blood tests, have they been done?

Anti-'d's have side effects and will add to the problems you have. Far better to address these deficiencies and it can take some time to feel better. What is the point in the NHS having lab ranges if GP's are going to ignore them?

If you write and complain to the practice manager, you could copy your local CCG and local Healthwatch into your letter.


If you feel very breathless or pass out get someone to take you to A&E immediately. Untreated iron deficiency can have extremely serious consequences for your well-being.

A&E will treat you then ask your GP practice why you haven't been treated, which will help back up any complaints you later make. Though don't be surprised if the GPs in the practice try to cover up their mis-treatment.


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