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Nature-Throid without a prescription

I cannot find a doctor who will write a prescription for Nature-Throid. I was seeing a Naturopath but she was just stealing my money and over medicating me. My new endocrinologist just put on !/2 the amount of my Nature Throid dose but changed it to Synthroid! I don't want T4 only. Here in the US, a TSH of .06 is considered too low. I need to find Nature-Throid but can't get a prescription. Can anyone help me.

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I don't know how to edit a post. My TSH is actually .006! Sorry. I'm new to this site.


What were your FT4 and FT3 results and ranges? TSH 0.06 is suppressed but if FT3 remained within range you weren't overmedicated. If you felt overmedicated all you had to do was to reduce dose.

I suggest you check the Facebook pages of Hypothyroidmom, Mary Shoman and Gena Lee Nolin for US doctors. This link may be helpful officialgenaleenolin.com/pr...

You might have difficulty getting hold of NatureThroid with a prescription anyway. RLC has only recently resumed shipping 1 grain tablets and hasn't given a date for when manufacture of other doses will resume. Pharmacies are running out of 1 grain doses quickly as they fulfill back orders. getrealthyroid.com/product-...

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T4 is 6.7, Triidothyonine free serum is 3.5. I don’t know what that one is. I’m new. I'm in the US! I felt better taking more Nature-Throid! I'm tired again but no doctor in the US cares!


Triiodothyronine is Free T3. Do you have the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results)?

Lab range for TSH is 0.450-4.500, T4 range is 4.5-12.0, FT3 is 2.0-4.4. US ranges differ from UK ranges, I think.


UK ranges vary from area to area which is why we need the lab ranges to interpret results.

TSH 0.006 is very suppressed but FT4 6.7 and FT3 3.5 were both only mid-range range so you weren't overmedicated.

Looks like your TSH is easily suppressed. You need to steer well clear of doctors who want to dose via TSH level.

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To edit clock on the three dots to the right of ‘reply’ at the bottom of your post.

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Try thyrogold you don't need a prescription I'm buying it from the states and I'm in the UK?

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I’ll see if I can find thyrogold. Some US meds are only sold abroad without a prescription. Thank you.

I can’t find it. I have no doctor who knows how to monitor my thyroid levels! 😢

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Thank you, Claire!

Ours is in shortage here in Canada bit Synthroid is no match for natural hormone !

I have some still but no doctor for blood work. The new Endodontist put me on Synthroid and cut my dose by half. I can’t seem to find a good Naturopath here in South Louisiana. US medicine is awful.

I am in the US in Oklahoma and I go to the “ functional medicine” Dr. Perhaps a better way to say it is a doctor that practices functional medicine. Try to ask around in your area or you might try to Google it but be careful because some of those on the Internet can be mostly money grabbers . My doctor is a D.O. and not an M.D. - but he diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s back in the late 80s . I have been to several Endochronologist with no success.

He’s also the one that put me on nature throid and Armour Thyroid when Synthroid put me through the moon with thyroid storms.

It is difficult to find a doctor that practices functional medicine but it’s not impossible and they’re worth their weight in gold . Many of them except the same insurance the MDs except. Some of them except only cash.

Do let us know what you find .

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Thank you. I’m in Louisiana. Seems nearly impossible to find a functional medicine doctor here but I’m still looking. I will let you know when I find someone.

Finally convinced my Endodontist that Synthroid is toxic. I have some Nature Throid in reserve. I do hope he will write a prescription and it’s available when the time comes.

I’ve had severe burning of my feet and toes since I first saw the Naturopath who put me on Nature-Throid. I’ve researched for nearly two years. I recently came across information saying that any thyroid medication can cause burning feet. Have anyone else had this problem?

Hi Red666

I have seen Nature-throid sold without prescription (very recently).

Will provide the site for you if you want.


Thank you! I’m off of all thyroid meds now. I developed burning feet 2 days after beginning a milder med. I’m trying to narrow down the cause. The Naturopath told me to see a doctor, she couldn’t/wouldn’t help me. She wasn’t very good.

Would you please share their website with the rest of us? Many Thanks! Donna

By Private Message only!

How do you email someone privately ? Thank You, Donna

You don't email anyone! You use the Private Message system:



Guideline 24 is why this is not posted on the forum:


Could someone message me the website too please

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