West-throid / Nature-throid


Can anyone provide me with information of reputable (UK if possible) companies who sell West-throid / Nature-throid without prescription?

I did obtain an Americal company, however they say on their website they are not authorized sellers and obtain the medication from third party sellers.

Please can you private message me if you have any details for me?

Thank you in advance.


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  • These are prescription-only medicines in the UK and therefore anyone selling without a prescription would be acting illegally.

  • As the administrator of this foram, could you provide a suitable source?

    Kind regards


  • I do not buy any of these products so have no personal experience of suppliers.

    I do not recommend without close experience.

  • Hello

    I have had armour thyroid prescribed by my consultant back in March .

    I found them beneficial to my body but lowered my mood so had to come off them.

    Back on levo, I have asked for another ndt, however he says he has to be seen to be treating me with levo first .

    I am doing research in advance in case he doesn't prescribe me ndt in the near future .

    What medication are you taking , is it beneficial ?


  • I just take levothyroxine. For me, seems to work OK but am well aware it doesn't for everyone.

  • It used to work for me, been hypo since about 2002, from 2011 began to have load of problems with it.

    Hoping endo will give me a different ndt!

    Fingers crossed!

    Great it works for you, I wish it did for me, being hypocan be debilitating.

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