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Thyroid test results

No T3 test just Serum Free T4 level which is above range 31.7 pmoi/L range is apparently 12.0-22.0. Serum TSH level below range at 0.01mU/L range being 0.27-4.2. Doctor wrote to say these results abnormal. What does it mean. Despite going to gym 3 times a week and swimming have put on a stone in weight. Help! Please. Any observations welcome.

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This is a bit odd. Are you taking any thyroid medication? Do you have any other symptoms of hyper or hypo thyroidism? Normally people suffering with hyperthyroidism (which your blood tests suggest) lose weight, but it's not always true. Have you have a thyroid antibodies test result? (there may be two results for this - TPO and TGAb). You may also see a Graves antibody result (TSI). The lab should have measured your FT3 as well.


Thanks for replying. I had a complete thyroidectomy 20 years ago. I am diabetic taking Bydureon, Metformin also Lanzaprazole for gastritis. I managed to lose a lot of weight through diet and exercise over the past two years getting to a size 12, but now despite regular visits to the gym I am putting on weight!!


Sorry, also forgot to say 150 thyroxin


Your doctor will want you to decrease your dose of Thyroxine. How do you feel?


Well, three things occur to me.

1. You have an autoimmune disease - either you have Graves antibodies, or Hashi's antibodies and are on a hyper swing.

2. Or, by going to the gym and swimming so often you are using up your T3 faster than you can produce it, and making yourself more hypo despite your high T4 and low TSH.

3. Or, you are a bad converter - either because you have Hashi's, or you have nutritional deficiencies, or low cortisol - and you cannot convert all that T4.

You really, really need your FT3 tested so that you can see how well you are converting, or if that is over-range, too.

You also need your antibodies tested to see if you have Graves - which would account for your levels - not all hyper people lose weight, some put it on. Or, if you have Hashi's.

Without the right tests, nobody can know what's going on for certain. Weight gain or loss isn't conclusive either way. Lots of symptoms can be either hypo or hyper. So, you need the right tests. And if your doctor isn't clued up enough to do them, they you'd be best off doing them privately if you want to know what's happening to you. :)


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