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Thyroid issue

I have under active thyroids and have been on 50 daily for about a year now and in August 2017 all my bloods were good and in range.

I had a blood test yesterday and the results are out of range bad...

T4 is 79.4 (high) 9-24 range

TSH is 0.02 (low) 0.2-5 range

Sodium 148 (high) 133-146 range

ALT 58 (high) 0-40 range

MCH 25 (low) 27-34 range

Any help here please?

I’m also on 7mg or prednistalone oral steroids for my ulcerative colitis.

But that’s all the meds I’m on.

Thanks guys

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As I said in your last thread, you need your antibodies tested. There's no way 50 mcg levo can give you an FT4 that high.

Did you look at the link Marz gave you?

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