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From Hashimoto's to Graves disease? What should they test?

Hello ,

I was diagnosed with Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome on Sept. 11, 2001 in Canada. As a result I now live with Type 1 Diabetes, Addison's disease and for 16 years I had hashimoto's disease. I have done well replacing with Synthroid (levethyroxine) for the hypothyroid, cortisol and florinef for Addison's disease and insulin for diabetes. About a year ago my thyroid gland started working again and now it has become overactive. I have been sick a lot these days frequently going into Adrenal crisis in the mornings and many blood sugar drops. I ended up in the hospital on the weekend and they believe I now have Graves Disease! I am now taking Tapazole and have increased my cortisol replacement doses to cope with the Adrenal stress. They did NOT do a TSI test, instead did a TSH antibody receptor test as well as testing TSH T3 and T4. I am going to meet with the Endocrinologist next week to hear the results of the antibody test but after reading information on this board I am wondering if he is going to be able to confirm if it is Graves because if he did not test TSI? I do have a large asymmetrical goiter on the right lobe of the thryoid measuring 9.5 cm.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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TSH receptor antibody test (TRab) can also confirm or rule out Graves Disease.



Thanks Clutter!



If Graves is ruled out they might consider transient Hashitoxicosis which occurs when lymphocytes infiltrate the thryoid gland and destroy cells which dump thyroid hormone into the blood stream.

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That is good information thank you for sharing Clutter. I do think I would prefer it to be Hashitoxicosis, and assume it would probably be a reason for the goiter too.



Goitre can be due to hyperthyroidism and to hypothyroidism. Doesn't really tell you anything much :(


So it looks like it Graves after all Clutter. From Hashimotos to Graves, rare but possible. I've got to decide between RAI or thyroidectomy and in the meantime stay on Tapazole. Looks like a good year wait for a thyroidectomy here in Canada. Just not sure.


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