How is Graves’ disease diagnosed

Hello, I am told I have Graves’ disease. On NHS choices it says=- this is an autoimmune condition, which means the immune system mistakenly attacks the body. In Graves’ disease it attacks the thyroid and causes it to become overactive. My tests for antibodies are. Thyroglobulin antibody 10 Ranges. 000. - 115.00

Thyroid peroxide antibodies. 9. Ranges. 000. - 34.00

With carbimazole I am now at the low end of TSH ranges.

Can I have graves with these results, and how can one diagnose graves.

Thank you Val


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  • TSI antibodies. He's tested the wrong ones. Happens all the time!

  • Unfortunately, I don’t understand what you mean. Pretty dim me.

    What ones should be tested please to diagnose graves. Val

  • TSI antibodies. That's the test for Grave's. He has tested TPO antibodies and Tg antibodies, which are Hashimoto's. So, you don't have Hashimoto's, but he hasn't tested for Grave's.

  • If I go for a private blood test do I just ask for a TSI antibody Test. Will it tell me if I have Graves?


  • Vbgr,

    If you have thyroid eye disease (TED) you have Graves Disease. If not, you need a thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) antibody test or thyroid receptor antibody test (TRab) to determine whether you have autoimmune Graves causing your hyperthyroidism.

  • Thank you Clutter. Am I right in thinking you cannot have TED without Graves.

  • Vbgr,


  • Do you know who provides these please, medichecks don’t and blue horizon no results for TSI and Trab

  • Vbgr,

    I'm afraid not. You could ask BlueHorizon if they do the tests or can recommend where to get them done.

  • Medichecks does this test for TRab :

    I don't know if it is helpful.

  • Looks like it and probably worth Vbgr phoning to check with them.

  • Thanks for info. Unfortunately I have had what they offer and it seems inconclusive with the results. Have asked horizon to email me. Will ask where they would advise me to get them. I would like to know if I really do have Graves.

  • What was your TSH Receptor Stimulating Antibody Test result?

  • Hi, thyroglobulen antibody 10. Range. 000. - 115

    Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 9. Range 000. - 34 00

    Does this mean I am unlikely to have Graves or do I need to look at other tests. Thanks

  • Those are different tests and say absolutely nothing about whether or not you have Graves. The TSH Receptor Stimulating Antibody Test linked to earlier is appropriate.

  • All I have is the following info

    TSH 0. 116. Range 0.27. - 4.20

    Free thyroxine. 12.5. Range. 12. 00. - 22.00

    Total thyroxine. 78.00 Range. 59.00. - 154.00

    Free T3 3.61. Range. 3.10. - 6.80

    Are these any indication. Thanks Val

  • Earlier I had TSH receptor antibodies

    Anti-TSH receptor Abs. IU/1. Ref Range 0- 2 IU/1

    This assay does not differentiate between stimulating and blocking Abs.

    At that time I had T4 at 48.1 Range 12.0. -22.0

  • Hi have graves and TED just switched to NDT I have arranged a full thyroid check plus 15 (ferratin etc) this is sent to you as a postal kit - TSI receptor antibodies is a separate payment to blue horizon but it is not postal and you have to go to a specified lab to get it done which blue horizon recommed i am due to go to London next week x

  • Thank you, I will enquire about cost Julie.

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