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full blood test results results please help me

Hi guys please could anyone help with the following results as i feel really poorly

I have hashis and take 75mg levo

total white blood count above range 10.54 10*12/l (4.0-10.00)

haemoglobin concentration 128 (120.0-150.00)

mchc below range 308 (315-345)

neutrophil count 6.63 10*9l (2.0-7.00)

lymphocyte count 2.92 10*9l (1-3)

ferritin 81ug/l (15-150)

vitb12 659 (197-771)

folate unsuitable specimen

vit d 79 (50-144)

tsh 0.45 (0.3-5.5)

serum free t4 17(12.0-22.00)

serum free t3 4.6 (3.1-6.8)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i have current headaches feel under the weather permanently like flu I have constant phlem what can I do to improve my health cheers vanilla

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Are you currently taking any supplements, and, if so, at what dosages, please?

Have you recently had any infections, bugs, travel vaccinations etc.?

Are you feeling poorly in an under-medicated hypothyroid sort of way, or just in general?


I am not taking any suppliments at the moment no bugs just feel like I am about to start a cold or flu and its the same the next day and has been for nearly a year like something is wrong with me but cant put the finger on it I dont know if under-medicated as drs go on tsh and that as low as he will let me go I feel like a hangover in the morning without alcohol and have eye pain and pain across my face Ifeel generally unwell all hypo really bad symptoms have gone as i have increased on levo, other than I feel like I am on a drug withdrawl if that makes sense


Have you had sinusitis that is dragging on and chronic? Just clutching at straws here as those symptoms sound like it and the total white blood count is the only thing that's a little high above the range.

Your vitamin D is in the replete range tho' you'll have seen SeasideSusie's answers about vitamin D and the preferred optimal range for Hashi patients which is a bit higher than your current level.

The ferritin and B12 are both in a decent range at first glance. Your MCHC is lower than the range but the haemoglobin is decently within the range - I don't know if there's enough information here for humanbean to comment as I see the folate is missing and there isn't a full iron panel. Do you have the iron panel or wasn't it done?

No help to you but I'll be interested to see what other members might suggest.


red blood cell count 4.37 10*12/l (3.8-4.8)

haemoglobin concentration128 (120-150)

haematocrit 0.416 (0.36-0.46)

mean cell volume 95.2fl (83.00-105.00)

mchl 29.3 (27-32)

mchc 308(315-345)

platelet 351(150-400)

neutrophil 6.63(2.0-7.00)

lymphocyte 2.92(1.0-3.00

monocyte .081(0.2-1.0)

eosinophil 0.12(0.02-.05)

basophil0.06 (0.02-.01)

I am just wondering if I am aneamic

I dont have any snot with the sinus thing I have had it before 2013

The headaches and general unwell are the last symptoms of hashis im wondering is this as good as it gets


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