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Advice please , blood tests , hashimotos?

Hi I’m new here would be really grateful for any help . Since 2014 I have suffered with many symptoms the main ones being memory loss confusion, fatigue where I’m constantly tired and sleep whenever I sit down for too long, I have gained over two stone and can’t shift it no matter what , really sensitive le to the cold and now my periods have stopped. This year I went to the nurse for blood tests suspecting thyroid or iron problems but only found I had a vit b12 deficiency which I now have injections for. I convinced my doctors to run new blood test and check for thyroid antibodies the results below are from previous tests in November and the most recent ones


Serum TSH 2.32mU/L (0.30-4.40)

Free T4. 12 pmol/L (9.00-19.10)


TSH 1.75mU/L. (0.30-4.40)

Free T4 11.7pmol/L (9.0-19.10)

Thyroid peroxidase Ab conc”. <5U/ml


I was thinking my thyroid was under active , but I find that I sometimes have over active symptoms and I am now wondering if it’s hashimotos . I am waiting to see a gastroenterologist as I thought my problems where based in my digestive system but if it’s thyroid I don’t know if they can help. Sorry for the long winded post I really tried to cut it down , if u know anything that could help me work this out it would be much appreciated

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Are you taking some kind of thyroid hormone replacement? I guess not, since your FT4 levels seem very low.

Your antibody levels came back in range so most if not all doctors will probably conclude you don't have Hashimoto's. But, don't forget that Hashimoto's is far from the only disease that can cause hypothyroidism. Even if Hashi's is the most common cause of hypothyroidism, that does not mean other forms don't exist.

I am no expert, however, as I have Hashi's myself, and I hope others will chime in who have more experience with what you describe. However, I think your FT4 levels seem very low (they have even gone down a little since November). Even if your TSH is in range, which most doctors think is fine, that does not mean you don't have a thyroid problem. Most if not all of the symptoms you list sound like thyroid dysfunction to me...

Is there any way you could also have your free T3 levels measured? I understand that, in the UK, you can have it done privately if not on the NHS (I'm not in the UK so I stand to be corrected). T3 is the truly active thyroid hormone, about four times more active than T4, so it would be interesting to know what your levels look like.

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Hi anne69, I’m not on any medication for thyroid , I’m hoping that when I see gastroenterologist they will get to the bottom of it as the gps don’t seem that keen on investigating, they see normal results and make me feel like it’s all in my head, my old nurse was willing to check T3 but before we could the surgery closed and the new doctors don’t seem inteeested but it is something I think needs looking at , thanks


Gemzxx There are two types of thyroid antibodies - TPO as already tested, and TG (Thyroglobulin) which the NHS almost never test unless an endo requests it. You can be negative for TPO but positive for TG.

You have 'normal' TSH and low FT4. This can indicate central or secondary hypothyroidism, where the problem is with the pituitary or hypothalamus rather than the thyroid, but not many doctors know about this. See bestpractice.bmj.com/best-p... click on Normal TSH - associated with a low FT4 and/or FT3 then see the table to the side or below (depending on your device). Do some research and see what you think.

Also, to get a full picture you might consider a test bundle with Medichecks or Blue Horizon which will test do all the thyroid tests plus vitamins and minerals, this will test TG antibodies (as well as TPO), and FT3 which you nay not be able to get on the NHS



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Hi seaside suzie

I will definitely look into this as I really want to get to the bottom of this, I’m only 35 this year and so want my life back

Just wondering does my Tpo level mean negative? Or do I have antibodies but not above range?


Your TPO result is <5 - presumably they don't give an exact level or the machine can't measure an exact level below that number. So unfortunately you don't know whether you are a long way below 5 or very near to 5. It is classed as negative because it is below <6, anything above that would be positive.

The private tests (BH or Medichecks) will give an actual number with their result and the ranges are -

TPO <34

TG <115

so you will have a better idea with those tests. You can't compare your current TPO result because it will have been done on a machine calibrated differently so their cut off levels are different.

Very few people have zero antibodies, I think most of us have some. I've had mine tested about 5 times over the years, varying slightly but never more than half way through the range, but never zero. I don't have any signs or symptoms indicative of Hashi's so I'm comfortable saying I am hypothyroid but not Hashi's (for which I'm very grateful - the not Hashi's I mean)


If you can't get full thyroid and vitamin testing from GP


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting to give highest TSH

Low B12 can affect memory

Candida, h pylori and other gut infections may be worth considering too - gastroenterologist can check for H pylori if you have endoscopy.

Do you have gut symptoms?

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Hi slowdragon, yeah back in 2014 I had two unexplained episodes where I experienced pain in my upper abdomen, like a twisting inside, which contracted the pain was intolerable, I have never felt pain like that and just when you thought it was easing off it would tighten again, I was sick with it and exhausted but it did eventually ease off, for days following my stomach was swollen and solid I looked and felt like I was five months pregnant. The last time was New Year’s Eve 14 , however this is when all my symptoms gradually started, before b12 injections I had chronic diarrhoea everyday this has improved though it still not completely right, sometimes constipation the weight gain and not being able to shift it, nausea, lack of appetite and swelling


Sounds like possible food intolerances, - gluten or dairy most likely.

Endoscopy only way to properly diagnose coeliac, you must be eating high level of gluten beforehand

But many have gluten intolerance, no test available on NHS.

The fact you have B12 injections suggest some malabsorption going on

Were you tested negative for Pernicious Anaemia?

Low stomach acid causes lots of issues


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