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Lab results after A&E visit

My ferritin stores were 11 in April, 13 in July and this week they were 8 ( 20 to 200 nanograms per milliliter in women) Despite having floradix everyday and taking beef liver capsules. I stopped eating meat in August.

TSH 0.01 (0.35-4.94)

FT4 9 (9-20)

FT3 11.4 (2.4-5.7)

On Tuesday I went to the chemist and bought Ferris Sulphate in an attempt to raise my ferritin levels. I took two 200mg tablets. I was very ill and suffered many bouts of loose stools. My heart started racing. As if the ferritin had activated some of the t3 to be more potent. By Wednesday afternoon my pulse came down to under 100 resting. I also had a viral infection. On Thursday morning I took 25mcg Levothyroixne ( I have a prescription for 75mcg Levothyroxine) I did notice straight away that my tummy bloated after eating dairy. Something that the T3 had resolved. When I bring up my suspicions of SIBO the doctor asks me why I think I have that. I also found my underwear and leggings to be smelly since my youngest daughter was born nearly three years ago and when I stopped taking levo the smell went away!

I have tried to come off antidepressants and in August found myself stupidly fatigued and a nibble of the antidepressant picked me up. So I decided I came off them too fast. This time I have reduced to 10mg and have had none since Tuesday but think that may be unwise. Perhaps I should try taking just 5mg before stopping.

I would love to be free of them though.

Today I started Ferrous fumarate and so far I have tolerated it.

I plan to take 1 grain of Natural Desiccated Thyroid a day until I see the endocrinologist on Thursday 21st September, my first appointment. Although I may need another half or 1 grain to get over the afternoon slump. Or would you think I should stick to levothyroxine and adjust my diet to leave out dairy.

I welcome any comments please.

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FT3 is very high. Did you take T3 prior to your blood test?

How much T3 you are taking in addition to 25mcg or 75mcg Levothyroxine?

1 grain NDT is equivalent to 65mcg Levothyroxine or 25mcg Liothyronine.


Hello Clutter,

Thank you for responding. I was on 75mcg liothyronine (cynomel) and had taken it on the day of the blood test, which wasn't planned, I took myself to A&E after such a bad reaction to iron pills. I had stopped taking levothyroxine during the last week of August. When I was taking both together I took 25mcg cynomel and 50mcg levothyroxine. Trouble is I have to be dairy free and gluten free if I take levothyroxine. But if I'm just on NDT or T3 then I don't have the same bloating. I suspect SIBO but don't know what to do about it. I think I've mentioned it 3 times to the doctor but they don't offer anything. I have a friend who suggests I get genetic testing, organic acid tests with disbyosis markers.

I have taken nothing since finding out my results on Friday as my T3 was so high and I hope it comes down by Thursday when I'm likely to be tested again.

I have hashimotos antibodies 254



T3 peaks in the blood for up to six hours after testing so taking it before a blood test is probably why FT3 is so high.

You may be interested in this article which helvella posted yesterday healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

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Thank you for the link to the article. I had taken the T3 at 2am on the Tuesday morning and my blood was taken at 9pm - 19 hours later. I just don't know how fast the levels normalise. I'm taking nothing at the moment but I have a headache that might be unrelated. No symptoms of hypothyroidism. But how many days before the 11.4 becomes 6 I wonder?



You were very overmedicated on 75mcg T3 to have FT3 so much over range 19 hours after last dose. 10 days off T3 I would expect FT3 to have dropped, possibly just about into range.


Thank you Clutter. I am lucky to have an appointment on Thursday that I hope will include bloods so I'll stay off until then.



How much Levothyroxine were you prescribed before you switched to 75mcg T3?





75mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 25mcg T3. You were taking three times your prescribed dose.


Thank you I realise it was wrong of me to take such a high dose.


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