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test results…. would love your advice :)

Hi everyone, I have an update and wondered if you kindly give me your thoughts. I was taking 75T4 and 20T3 but although feeling OK still had constipation, no weight loss and unable to cope with exercise. Saw Eno and he upped T3 to 30 but took all the T4 off me because of my TSH. So I went onto 30T3 only for a while but started to get nervous about not feeling well and so 2.5 weeks ago I added 1/2 a grain of NDT WP Thyroid. So my dose was 19T4 and 34.5 T3. I had my bloods done this week because i feel tired and my pulse is faster than normal. BP is always fine. Im really pleased with my B12 results as the Spray seems to be working. really fed up with my ferritin as that has hardly changed :( I am taking a liquid iron as I struggle with the tablets and my already 2 a day laxative habit. I am also taking flucoxycilin at the moment for something else and i think thats adding to me feeling like cr@p! :)

B12 548 (187 - 883

Folate 7.5 (108 - 18.3)

Ferritin 24.1 (10 - 204)

TSH 0.01 (0.35 - 4.94)

FT4 <5.2 (9 - 19.1)

FT3 4.56 (3.6 - 6.5)

worried about the pulse rate and fed up of getting out of breath so easily.

I feel I need to add some more T4 but not necessarily increase T3 just yet until I get ferritin higher? I was thinking about increasing to 1 grain NDT (38T4+ 9T3) + 25T3

But as always I would appreciate your experienced help

Huge thanks


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Have you had your hemoglobin checked? If your low ferritin also means low hemoglobin then the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood would be low and that could account for the symptoms you are experiencing.


HI Gabkad, I had it tested in September 126 (115 - 148). I guess this is OK? thanks for your help :)


126 is okay if all you do is walk on the level. If you need to get up stairs quickly or run, it's not high enough. You need to get it to 135+.

I don't know why you are having constipation the way it's going right now. If the stool is hard and difficult to pass, then that's constipation. If you just have no urge but when you do, it's okay, then that's fine.

p.s. I'm making cucumber/spinach/scallion/parsley/dill + avocado (today) smoothies with added salt, apple cider vinegar and a tomato based vegetable paste from Italy ..(we need salt!!!)..... and pooping is the easiest ever. (no fruit in the smoothie because how much fatter do I want to get??) I have thanked my daughter. Smoothie in, smoothie out. :)

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Hi Gabkad, I wish that worked for me! I have had major problems with constipation for a while now, I have green smoothies every day, eat lots of veg etc….tried everything under the sun to help….just end up taking exlax now. its easier than suffering the discomfort and pain. :)


Hear you. Okay, then seriously, try mixing 30 grams (1 heaping tablespoon) of raw potato starch (not potato flour) plus 1 scant teaspoon of psyillium in 1/2 cup of plain yoghurt. Eat that once a day for a week and get back to me. :) The only reason I recommend yoghurt is because raw potato starch does not stay in suspension in water or liquids.

I recommended this to someone who thought she'd need to see a psychologist already because even psyllium wasn't working. Doesn't have a thyroid problem. She says I saved her life. I'm not so sure but anyway, if she doesn't do this, she can't poop. I've done it too and I know it works.


1 grain of NDT plus 25mcg of T3 equals approx 200mcg of levo. (1gr of NDT equals in effect 100mcg of levo). When we take T3 our T4 is reduced so that's why yours is below range.,i.e. T3 in NDT plus T3 itself.

flucoxycilin may be causing an interference. Are you taking it 4 hours apart from your thyroid hormones.

The fact that you're conscious of your pulse, maybe you need to lower dose very slightly.


thanks Shaws. Is T3 3x or 4x as strong as T4 please?


Based on subjective experience it's about 2.5 to 3.0. I calculate it as 3 times.


oh about the flucoxycilin, would you believe I have to take it 4 times per day 1 hour before food and 2 hours after. Its a nightmare trying to fit it in with thyroid meds and food...


Queridalady, Your endo's dose adjustments mean you were reduced from the equivalent of 135mcg T4 to the equivalent of 90mcg.

2 weeks isn't long enough to see what effect adding 1/2 grain to 30mcg T3 is doing to bloods and it's hard to say whether your pulse is raised because of too much T3 or your infection. It's easier to tweak T3 by skipping doses or reducing dose so you might see how your pulse is on 1 grain + 15mcg or 20mcg T3.


OK thanks Clutter. I will try reducing a bit….makes me sad though because reducing it won't help my metabolism and constipation I guess. but needs must! what a complex condition this is. :)


Queridalady, It's possible your infection has caused your pulse to raise so maybe wait until it clears before changing dose. If you add another half grain (equivalent to 37.5-50mcg T4) and reduce T3 by 15mcg (equivalent to 45mcg T4) you won't be reducing dose it will be equivalent.


Could be you're low on magnesium and that is having an effect on your pulse and giving you constipation.


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